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Assembly of First Nations ___"The Assembly of First Nations (AFN) is the national representative organization of the First Nations in Canada." learn about the Assembly's history, structure and programs, and issues facing Native Canadians. - Text only - From the Assembly of First Nations -

Indian Bands By Province Index ___"... a long table of tribes in alphabetical order Provinces that have a page of contact info for bands are clickable. If there is a web page by/about a band, its link follows the band name..." - Text only - From Paula Giese - 

Introduction - First Nations and Inuit-12000 b.p. - Passageways ___"Long before the Europeans ever thought of exploring North America, First Nations people and Inuit had been doing so. Once the Europeans arrived, Native people helped the Europeans on their expeditions. In fact, many would never have survived without their help. This site is about the ancestors of Canada's First Nations and Inuit and how they discovered North America." - Illustrated - From Library and Archives Canada -

Land Bridge to the New World ___"During the last ice age (80 000 to 12 000 years ago), much of North America was covered by ice. With so much of the Earth's water frozen on land, the sea level went down. This exposed a strip of land that joined North America and Asia, creating a bridge made out of land. The ancestors of Canada's First Nations and Inuit crossed this unique bridge to come to North America. This part of the Passageways: True Tales of Adventure for Young Explorers website looks at these ancient peoples." - Illustrated - From Library and Archives Canada -



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