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Google Map of Porto-Novo __ Zoomable map/satellite view of Porto-Novo, the national capital of Benin. - From nationsonline.org - http://www.nationsonline.org/oneworld/map/google_map_Porto-Novo.htm

population of porto-novo 2010 __ Porto Novo population figure - From trueknowledge.com - http://www.trueknowledge.com/q/population_of_porto-novo_2010

Porto-Novo __ "Porto-Novo (also known as Hogbonou and Adjacé (population 223552 as of a 2002 census) is the official capital of the West African nation of Benin. ..." You will find an encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porto-Novo 

Porto-Novo __ "This beautiful port on the Porto-Novo Lagoon, with a population of 179,138 (1992), is Benin's second largest city. This is primarily an agricultural region situated on the Gulf of Guinea." A good overview of the city and its history. - illustrated - From porto-novo.biz - http://www.porto-novo.biz/php/intro.php


Porto-Novo.biz __ "...provides information about the city to residents, local businesses and visitors." You will find statistics, business information, social information and much more. - illustrated - From porto-novo.biz - http://porto-novo.biz/

Porto-Novo Map, Map of Porto-Novo __ " Welcome to the InfoHub Porto-Novo map page. Here you will find a treasure of information with regard to map of Porto-Novo as well as a wealth of information on the subject of Porto-Novo maps." - From infohub.com - http://www.infohub.com/Maps/porto-novo_map_332.html  

Porto-Novo:: Official Website of Tourism in Benin __ An introduction to the city. "The city was founded in the 16th century by Portuguese settlers who gave it its name and still retains some of its early colonial charm in certain sections." - illustrated - From benintourisme.com - http://www.benintourisme.com/en/interne.php?idrub=11&id=26

Porto Novo Photos __ Galleries of click-to-enlarge photos of Porto Novo, Benin. - illustrated - From trekearth.com - http://www.trekearth.com/gallery/Europe/Portugal/South/Lisboa/Porto_Novo/

Porto-Novo Photos __ You will find several pages of click-to-enlarge photos of Porto-Novo. - illustrated - From pbase.com - http://search.pbase.com/search?q=Porto-Novo


Porto-Novo pictures, Porto-Novo images __ "Pictures of Porto-Novo. Welcome to the InfoHub Porto-Novo pictures and images page. Here you will find a treasure of information with regard to the pictures of Porto-Novo as well as a wealth of information on the subject of Porto-Novo images and photos." - From infohub.com - http://www.infohub.com/pictures/images_porto-novo_332.html 

Porto Novo travel guide __ You will find information about Porto Novo travel, including photos and reviews. - illustrated - From world66.com - http://www.world66.com/africa/benin/portonovo 

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