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A Brief Account of the History of Skopje __ "The history of Skopje can be traced back some twenty-five centuries. Archeological findings at Skopje's Kale fortress show that an unidentified people lived here in prehistoric times, between the Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Ages." An overview of history. - From -

City Map of Skopje __ You will find an interactive map with zoom, directional and satellite features. - illustrated - From -|macedonia|skopje

Macedonia FAQ: Skopje __ An introduction to the city covering history, important sites, links to additional information and much more. "The first impression of a visitor to Skopje is invariably the same: it is a new and modern city. It is a trading center for the cotton, tobacco, grains, and livestock produced in the surrounding region. The city also has manufacturing facilities for iron and steel, electrical machinery, chemicals, textiles, carpets, and foods." - illustrated - From -
Official portal of City of Skopje __ "I’m convinced that when you leave Skopje you’ll retile its story, and that you’ll come again in our city because from this day on it is your city also. - - Trifun Kostovski, Mayor of Skopje" Mayor, council, services and much more. - From city of Skopje -

population of Skopje 2010 __ Skopje population figure - From -


Skopje __ "Skopje is the capital and largest city in the Republic of Macedonia, with more than a quarter of the population of the country, as well as the political, cultural, economical and academic centre of the country." You will find an encyclopedic article with links to related materials along with photos of Skopje, maps of Skopje and more. - illustrated - From wikipedia -

Skopje Airport, Macedonia __ Basic airport information and flight information. - From -

Skopje Buildings, Real Estate, Architecture, Skyscrapers and ... __ You will find information about buildings as well as business, companies and more. You will find Skopje photo galleries and click-to-view pictures of Skopje architecture. - illustrated - From -


Skopje, the capital of Republic of Macedonia __ "Skopje Online takes you straight to the action in and around Skopje. We review the best restaurants, clubs and bars, assess the hotels and show you the finest sights and shows. Wherever you're going, we have the lowdown on this month's hottest events." - illustrated - From -

Skopje Map, Map of Skopje __ " Welcome to the InfoHub Skopje map page. Here you will find a treasure of information with regard to map of Skopje as well as a wealth of information on the subject of Skopje maps." - From -
Skopje Map - Map of Skopje, Macedonia __ Interactive map of Skopje with a limited zoom feature. - From - 

Skopje Medical Resources __ "The American Embassy ... assumes no responsibility for the professional ability or reputation of the persons or medical facilities whose names appear on the following list." A list of physicians and medical institutions which may come in handy whether you are an American, or not. - From US Embassy -
Skopje News __ Online resource for news from Skopje. - From -


Skopje Photos __ Galleries of annotated click-to-enlarge photos of Skopje, Macedonia. - illustrated - From -

Skopje Photos __ You will find several galleries of click-to-enlarge photos of Skopje along with numerous individually posted pictures of Skopje. - illustrated - From -

Skopje pictures __ Galleries of well annotated click-to-enlarge pictures of Skopje. ( Skopje photos ) - illustrated - From -

Skopje pictures, Skopje images __ "Pictures of Skopje. Welcome to the InfoHub Skopje pictures and images page. Here you will find a treasure of information with regard to the pictures of Skopje as well as a wealth of information on the subject of Skopje images and photos." - From - 

Skopje travel guide __ You will find information about Skopje travel, including photos and reviews. - illustrated - From -

Trade Shows in Skopje __ List of upcoming trade shows and business events in Skopje. - From - 

What is Skopje profile? __ Here is a brief look at the city of Skopje. - illustrated - From -

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