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1858 Gold Rush in Arizona __ "The Spanish came to Arizona in the 1500s looking for legendary cities of gold but found only mud-walled adobe villages. Mexicans mined some areas of Arizona in the 1700s and the fierce Apaches soon drove them out. After the 1849 California gold rush began, Americans traveled through Arizona on their way to California...Eleven years later, in 1858, Jake Snively discovered gold on the Gila River in the southwestern part of the state and, suddenly, Arizona was noticed." - illustrated - From thenaturalamerican.com - http://thenaturalamerican.com/gold_rush.htm 

Bodie __ "Good-bye God, I'm going to Bodie." Well, that is the way some looked at it. Read the history of Bodie, a Gold Rush boom town in California. - illustrated - From americanwest.com - http://www.americanwest.com/pages/bodie.htm


California Gold Rush __ You will find an encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - From wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/California_Gold_Rush   


California's Untold Stories: Gold Rush! __ "On January 24, 1848 James Marshall discovered gold at Sutter's Mill, touching off the California gold rush. On the 150th anniversary of Marshall's discovery, the Oakland Museum of California unveiled a series of exhibitions titled Gold Rush! California's Untold Stories. They are now closed at the Oakland Museum." But while the people of Oakland are now without, we are not. You can still see the exhibit here. - illustrated - From museumca.org - http://www.museumca.org/goldrush/index.html 

Colorado Gold Rush, Early Settlement, and the Creation of Fort Collins __ Here is another excellent example of how the gold rushes influenced western development: "It has been estimated that as many as 100,000 gold seekers set out for Colorado in 1859. Although probably less than half of that number actually reached the Pike's Peak area, the influx of prospectors, merchants, and promoters quickly transformed the fledgling settlement of Denver into an important regional center." - illustrated - From Fort Collins Public Library - http://library.ci.fort-collins.co.us/local_history/Topics/contexts/colorado.htm 


The Enterprising Women of Gold Rush Days __ Here is a short essay about the life of some of the more pragmatic women during the California Gold Rush. Do you like personal ads? - - "Thirty five years old. Not hard on the eyes. I kin cook a stew thick enough to fill the innards of the hongriest man what ever rocked an' panned fer gold. I kin sew the holes in yer socks an' buttons on yer shirt, an' I kin keep yer warm in bed. I kin read an' write...an' I kin play piano if'n ya gots one. In return, I want nothin' more'n my due. Half the gold ya pan outa the river, an' what ya give me is mine and what ya keeps is yourn. An' you don't never touch my gold, no matter what you do with yourn. An' fer this in return, I'm yer wife fer as long as you keep to your end a the bargain." Hmmmm? I think I know this woman. - From tyler-adam.com - http://www.tyler-adam.com/38.html



The Gold Rush Chronicles __ Gossipy, fun and entertaining. You will find a timeline, county info from Gold rush country and even breakfast recipes. Yum. - illustrated - From comspark.com - http://comspark.com/chronicles/

The Gold Rush Diary of George Bonniwell __ Do you enjoy reading first person stories about the California Gold Rush. Then you will love this. It is a diary of a journey to get there: "First Day, Friday, April 12th, 1850 Left Milwaukee at 1 o'clock for California with 6 wagons and 16 men. Cold day. Roads very bad. Went 19 miles." Follow day by day the entire ordeal - - and the joys. - From emigrantroad.com/ - http://www.emigrantroad.com/gold01.html


The Gold Rushes __ Histories of a few American gold rushes. - From about.com - http://geology.about.com/od/geologyandculture/a/aa012598a.htm?rd=1  


Keep Watching the Ground! The Nevada Silver Rush __ The Nevada Silver Rush brought an end to the California Gold Rush. Learn how the two differed. While the California rush founded many lasting communities, not so the silver camps. Many lasted no longer than the time it took to build the saloons, or shoot 'em up. - From About.com - http://geology.about.com/library/weekly/aa102598.htm 

Land of Golden Dreams __ "This Web presentation of the Huntington Library's remarkable collection of Gold Rush manuscripts, drawings, and rare printed materials allows the people involved to tell you their own true stories and bring this unique event to life." Very nicely done. - illustrated - From the Huntington Library - http://www.huntington.org/Education/GoldRush/index.html


Silver & Gold: Photographs of the Gold Rush __ "...an exhibition featuring 115 seldom-seen images from the first major world event documented through photography, will be on view Oct. 30 through March 7, 1999, at the National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institution."  You can read about the show and see a few examples. - illustrated - From tfaoi.com - http://www.tfaoi.com/newsmu/nmus10h.htm


Silver rush Summary __ Some general information about American silver rushes, some foreign and some ancient. - From bookrags.com - http://www.bookrags.com/wiki/Silver_rush   



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