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Victorian Architecture 

HarpWeek: Explore History __ Harpers Weekly was 19th century America's leading illustrated newspaper. Here you will find electronic access from 1857 - 1912, which are years almost bracketing America's Victorian Age. - illustrated - From -

High Victorian Gothic in America __ You will find a wonderful gallery of Victorian Gothic structures in the US. - illustrated - From Boston College - 

Miss Vanderbilt's Trousseau, 1877 __ Fashion article about Miss Vanderbilt's elegant trousseau and wedding gown - From -  

Morbid Outlook - Victorian Mourning Garb __ Learn about mourning and mourning garb in Victorian America. "Today the word “Victorian” refers to a certain highly ornate style of architecture, furnishings, and fashion. It is a style that most people of the Gothic persuasion look at with romantic longing. The 19th century cemeteries that cover most of America today are the most visible and recognizable symbol of this bygone era. But the one element of Victorian style that continues to fascinate us is the mourning fashions of the day." - illustrated - From - 

Panoramic maps Victorian America comes alive... __ "Victorian America comes alive in this fascinating -- and wonderfully interactive -- series of 1,500 sketches." - illustrated - From - 


Swiss-Inspired Architecture in Victorian America __ "In general, the lines of Swiss homes were very horizontal, with expansive roofs that were designed to shed snow. Porches were frequently employed. As mentioned before, the amount of ornamentation varied from very little to almost comically crowded." A brief look. - illustrated - From -  
Victorian Age __ Learn about Victorian architecture in the U.S. "Although "Victorian" is sometimes used today to describe attitudes which are stuffy or prudish, in architecture the term conveys romance, whimsy, invention and imagination." Much of the material is based on Victorian architecture in Doylestown, Pa. - illustrated - From Jan Dickler and John Hauser -

Victorian America __ You will find an encyclopedic article along with links to related materials. - From wikipedia -  


Victorian Architecture __ "The Charastic American Carpenter Gothic style is characterized by steep gables and pointed windows. Often the construction was vertical "Board and Batton" which was considered particularly fitting for a Gothic cottage because of its upward tendency. In a wider sense we now apply the term "American Gothic" to all homes of typically Victorian design. These homes mark the real beginning of modern architecture." Not much more I can say. - illustrated - from -

The Victorian Context of the Social Gospel __ "The Problems of Industrializing Victorian America" You will find information about the clash between growing industrialization and the traditional values of the Victorian Era in America. - From Georgetown College -  

Victorian Dancing Etiquette __ "Lord Chesterfield, in his letters to his son, says: "Dancing is, in itself, a very trifling and silly thing: but it is one of those established follies to which people of sense are sometimes obliged to conform; and then they should be able to do it well." A guide to Victorian dance manners and the giving of balls. And I thought a high school prom was complicated! - From -

Victorian and Edwardian Photographs __ A good place to research historic fashion. You will find photos of women and children dressed in the Victorian/Edwardian style. - illustrated - From -


Victorian Manners & Morals __ "Good overview of Victorian American manners and morals.  You will also find links to other Victorian related subjects on the same page. - From -

The Victorian Society in America __ "The Victorian Society In America is the only national non-profit organization committed to historic preservation, protection, understanding, education, and enjoyment of our nineteenth century heritage." You will find great photos, history, membership information, chapter locations, and fun stuff. - illustrated - From Victorian Society in America - 

What is a Gentleman? __ Learn what was expected of the Victorian "gentleman." High ideals indeed. - From - 


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