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American Experience | Transcontinental Railroad __ This is a grand place to learn about the building of America's transcontinental railroad. You will find history, a timeline, brief biographies of the people involved, and a teachers guide. - illustrated - From PBS - 

Golden Spike National Historic Site __ "Located in Promontory Point, Utah, Golden Spike National Historic Site celebrates a great event in United States History. It is in Promontory Point that the transcontinental railroad met, joining east with west." You will find a good overview of the event and the area where it took place. - illustrated - From -  

Steel Rails and Iron Horses __ "The development of railroad technology, which had begun in England, advanced rapidly in the United States. Whereas European railroads connected existing cities separated by relatively short distances, American lines reaching to the West had to find their own way through vast tracts of land. The railroads made settlement of these lands by American and European immigrants possible on an unprecedented scale." - illustrated - From BLM - 

Transcontinental Railroad __ A brief look at the development of the transcontinental railroad. - From -  

Transcontinental Railroad - Driving the Last Spike - 1869 __ "The greatest historical event in transportation on the continent occurred at Promontory, Utah, on May 10, 1869, as the Union Pacific tracks joined those of the Central Pacific Railroad." You will find history, historic photos and more. - illustrated - From -  

Transcontinental, Railroad, Golden Spike, Promontory Summit... __ "As early as 1832 the nation had realized a need to tie California to the rest of the states through the means of a transcontinental railroad system. In 1849 and 1850, Howard Stansbury surveyed a route for a transcontinental railroad through the Black Hills and south of Salt Lake City" You will find a brief history. - From -


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