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2nd Company, Hesse-Kassel Jager Korps ___"This website is meant to provide the public with a better understanding of the actions of the Hesse-Kassel Jäger Korps throughout the American Revolution as well as the day to day life of the men and women of the military. Within the pages of this site you will find information about the actions, places and people that made history." - Illustrated - From The Hessian Jäger Re-enactment Group - 

2nd North Carolina Regiment of the Continental Line ___Particular history of this regiment and its modern recreated unit, plus general information about the Continental Army. - Illustrated - From the 2nd NC Regiment - 

The 42nd Royal Highland Regiment ___This regiment was not formed expressly for the War of Independence, although it certainly participated in it. You'll find its history here. Topics include uniforms and a roster of Revolutionary War officers. - Illustrated - From Preston M. Smith and the 42nd Royal Highlanders, Inc . - 

4th Company, Brigade of Foot Guards in America ___"Welcome to the electronic home of His Britannic Majesty King George III's 4th Company of Foot Guards. We are a recreated unit of the British Army in the American Colonies during the Rebellion of 1775-1782." - Illustrated - From the 4th Coy, Brigade of Guards In America, Ltd. -  

Alexander Hamilton ___A biography of Hamilton and information about his participation in the American Revolution. - Text only - By Andrew Ronemus -   
The American Revolution ___This website provides great information about the War of Independence. You'll find a timeline, a map and "activities for students as well as a comprehensive guide to lesson plans tied to the American Revolution." - Illustrated - From the National Park Service -

American Revolution in Georgia ___An easy-to-follow, well-organized website full of information about Georgia's participation in the War of Independence. - Illustrated - From Golden Ink -  

The Battle of Bunker Hill: Now We Are at War ___"The lesson could be used in units on the Revolutionary War or in courses on conflict resolution. Students will strengthen their skills of observation, research, and analysis of a variety of sources." You'll find readings, maps, images and worksheets. - Illustrated - From the National Park Service -


Black Loyalists ___"One of the most fascinating tales concerning the American Revolution, and Loyalists in particular, is the role of African Americans. Blacks were represented in all geographic areas of America and were a part of everyday life, whether as free people or slaves. Our site covers both the military and civilian aspects of the Black Loyalist experience." - Illustrated - From Nan Cole and Todd Braisted - 

Brant's Volunteers ___"During the American Revolutionary war, 1777-1784, Joseph Brant, Thayendanega, commanded an Indian war party made up of Loyalist Native Mohawks and Loyalist non-Native farmers from the province of New York." Learn about his participation in this war. - Illustrated -  

Butler's Rangers ___Topics include history, uniforms, biographies, and information about several of the Rangers' companies. - Illustrated - From Major Alan D. Woolley CD, The Lincoln and Welland Regiment -  

Conflict and Revolution 1775 to 1776___A timeline of events in the early months of the hostilities between the British soldiers and American colonists. Underlined text takes you to related information. - Some illustration - From the History Place - 

Continental Congress & Constitutional Convention: Time Line, 1764___Page one of this timeline covers the years 1764-1775; page two deals with 1776-1789. - Text only - From the Library of Congress -  

Edward "Ned" Hector ___"One of the lesser-known heroes of the Battle of Brandywine was a black soldier from Pennsylvania named Edward Hector." This is a brief account of his deeds. - Text only - By Bob Goddu -  

The Execution of Nathan Hale, 1776 ___An eyewitness account of the execution of Nathan Hale, the man who regretted he had "... but one life to lose... " for his country. - Illustrated - From Ibis Communications, Inc. -  


Flags of the American Revolution ___Images with text information about the flags used in the colonies during the Revolutionary War period. - Illustrated - Texas Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans -  

Fort Griswold Home Page ___Learn about the Fort, the burning of New London and Benedict Arnold's role in that, and the Battle of Groton Heights. - Illustrated - From Michael Meals -  

Free Labor in the American Revolution ___For older students, an essay about the occupations of the people who provided the manpower for the Revolution. - Text only - By Mark A. Lause, University of Cincinnati -  

Historic Valley Forge ___The Continental Army spent a long, cold winter in Valley Forge. Check out this excellent website to learn who was there and what life was like for them. - Illustrated - From the Independence Hall Association - 

History of Battle of Brandywine ___Learn about Washington's preparations for the battle, the battle itself, and the result of of the Americans' defeat. - Illustrated - From the Independence Hall Association -  

Intelligence in the War of Independence ___How did Washington "make the British believe that his three-thousand-man army outside Philadelphia was forty thousand strong"? Learn about intelligence operations and the use of propaganda in the Revolutionary War. Click on highlighted text to access related information. - Illustrated - From the Central Intelligence Agency - 

LIBERTY! The American Revolution ___"LIBERTY! is the story of the American Revolution---two and a half decades of debate and rebellion, war and peace. It begins in the aftermath of the French and Indian War and ends with the creation of the Constitution." - Illustrated - From PBS -  


Loyalist Institute Home Page ___"The material... here represents a sampling of manuscripts relating to the Loyalist military, including muster rolls, orderly books, regimental documents, courts martial and memorials. You will find genealogical information including links, sources of information, land petitions and post war settlement documents. And last but not least, you will find information on how the Loyalists are portrayed today throughout the US and Canada in Living History organizations, including photo galleries, schedules of events, and information on how to join a group in your area." - Illustrated - From The On-Line Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies -  

Moland House Park, Warwick Township, Pennsylvania ___Learn about "Moland House -- George Washington's headquarters from August 10, 1777 to August 23, 1777 -- where the Marquis de Lafayette and Count Casimir Pulaski joined the American Revolution and the American Flag was said to have first flown." - Illustrated - From Moland House -  

Nathanael Greene Was Born ___He "was one of Washington's closest friends; Greene even named his son after George. Like Washington, Nathanael Greene was a Revolutionary War hero." - Illustrated - From the Library of Congress -  

Patrick Ferguson ___A biography of this British serviceman who fought against the American rebels during the Revolution. - 1 image - By Dr. M. M. Gilchrist, St. Andrews, Scotland, 1999 -  

Patrick Henry Was Born ___Learn about the man who proclaimed "I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!" - Illustrated - From the Library of Congress - 

Peters' Corps ___Learn about this regiment during the Revolutionary War and the modern-day re-enactment group. - Illustrated - From Peters' Corps The Queen's Loyal Rangers -  

Prelude to Revolution - 1763 to 1775___Follow this timeline of notable events which led up to the American War of Independence. Underlined text links to related information. - Some illustration - From the History Place -  

Rare Map Collection-Revolutionary America ___Battles and place maps from the American Revolution. - Illustrated - From Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library -  

Spain's Support Vital to U.S. Independence ___This essay focused on Spain's great contributions to the American colonies during the Revolution. "For at least five years, Spain had sent more supplies and money than had been requested to help the American Rebels succeed in what must have appeared to be an impossible dream. Spanish men from the peninsula and throughout the Americas fought in the conflict." - Text only - By Dr. Thomas E. Chavez -  

Spy Letters of the American Revolution ___A Teachers' Lounge with activities, study questions and curricular themes, stories about Revolution espionage, a gallery of letters and a timeline. - Illustrated - From the Clements Library, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan -  

Surgeons and Butchers ___An essay, by times gruesome, about the practice of medicine in the Revolutionary War. - Text only - Elizabeth Rorke - 

Tar and Feathers in Revolutionary America ___An interesting essay about the origins and progressive violence of the practice of tarring and feathering in colonial America. - Text only - By Benjamin H. Irvin, Brandeis University - 
The Timeline of the Revolution ___"This website has been selected by the Discovery Channel as an educational resource for the study of the history of the American Revolutionary War." It was prepared by elementary school students who did a very nice job. - Illustrated - From Valley Oak School - 

Understanding the American Revolution and its People ___"Learn all about the American Revolutionary War, its causes, and its People." - Illustrated - From John T. Marck -

An Unlikely Victory 1777 to 1783___The major events of the Revolution are listed here with brief notes about each. Underlined text takes you to related information. - Some illustration - From the History Place -  

Virtual Marching Tour of the American Revolution ___"Our goal is to provide students, teachers, libraries and interested people worldwide with a vivid, exciting and accessible way to learn about the people, ideas, places and events that defined Revolutionary times and to help us understand through history who we are as a people today." - Illustrated - From Independence Hall Association -  


Washington's Campaigns of 1776___You might want to increase the text size of these few paragraphs about Washington's New York and Christmas campaigns in 1776. - Text only - Worcester Polytechnic Institute -

Who Were the Minutemen? ___"Minutemen were a small hand-picked elite force which were required to be highly mobile and able to assemble quickly." A history of this group and information about its duties. - Text only - By Andrew Ronemus -

Women Soldiers in the American Revolutionary War ___Inmteresting stories about some courageous women patriots. - Illustrated - From Captain Barbara A. Wilson, USAF (Ret) - 


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