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Ancient Weapons Emerge From Melting Arctic Ice __ Learn about a treasure trove of ancient weapons emerging from melting ice patches in the Canadian Arctic, revealing hunting strategies thousands of years old. - From -

Archaeological Survey __ "Follow the students as they explored the landscape during the field school. Explore the Archaeological Survey section to learn more about the sites and their connections to the oral narratives." - illustrated - From -

Archaeology in the Arctic __ Overview of Arctic archaeology including archaeological surveys, a list of Arctic sites and descriptions, oral narrations and teachers help. - illustrated - From -

Archaeology in the Arctic - Archaeology Expert (UK) __ Overview of Arctic archaeology including cultural comparisons, oral traditions and more. - From -


Archaeology page 1 - Ukaliq: The Arctic Hare __ "Bones and artefacts excavated from archaeological sites within the range of Arctic hares (Lepus arcticus) provide a wide variety of information about hares and the relationships between hares and people in the distant past."  You will even learn about hare yarn. - illustrated - From -

Archaeology of the Tundra and Arctic Alaska __ Essay style look at Arctic archaeology from Alaska, and across Canada to Greenland. - From -

Arctic Archaeology __ "Archaeological evidence has revealed that the Arctic region of the North American continent has seen some of the most fascinating human adaptations anywhere."  You will find an overview of Arctic archaeology and many additional resources. - From -

Arctic Archaeology __ "Using text and images, these pages provide a glimpse of archaeological research in this region and its results focusing principally on the Canadian Arctic ..."  A very good overview of Arctic archaeology including several resources. - From -

Arctic Archaeology | Frontier Scientists __ A general overview of archaeology in Northwest Alaska. - From -

Arctic Circle: Exploring the Past __ An essay style overview of Arctic archaeology. - From -

Arctic dig unearths prehistoric settlement __ "Russian archaeologists have discovered the remains of the world's oldest known Arctic settlement - a Siberian riverfront site that they say could help determine when humans first arrived in the Americas."  Learn about this 30,000 year old site. - From -  


Arctic natives and archaeology __ You will find many resources here and not just about archaeology. - From - 

Arctic and Subarctic Culture History and Archaeology __ Collection of resources about Arctic archaeology, not just North America but around the world. - From -

Bloody Falls __ "Bloody Falls are rapids located about 15 km above the mouth of the COPPERMINE RIVER in the central Arctic. ... At Bloody Falls, archaeologists discovered traces of Inuit occupation dating to about 1500 AD."  You will find a brief overview. - From -

Excavations at the Hungry Fox Archeological Site, Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve __ "One of the things that made the Hungry Fox site interesting is the excellent preservation of organic materials like bone, antler, and even some wood. At most archeological sites in the region, bone and other organic materials have long ago decayed, and only stone tools and debris from their manufacture remain."  A general overview. - illustrated - From -

Kenai Fjords Oral History and Archaeology Project __ "The Kenai Fjords Oral History and Archaeology Project has been designed in cooperation with tribal governments, Native corporations and the National Park Service to provide a maximum of both scientific and educational benefits."  You will find a fairly detailed look at this project. - From -

Lithic Artifacts from North of the Arctic Circle __ You will find a personal article and story about Arctic archaeological research.  "The vast majority of what we found were lithics. However, on a rare occasion we might find a piece of a wooden sled runner or an old, steel soda-pop can that a pilot tossed out the window of his plane as he flew over." - From - 

Polar Archeology Network (PAN) - IASC __ Many articles and resources about Arctic archaeology. - illustrated - From -


Port Refuge __ "Archaeology has shown that this bay has been occupied sporadically over the past 4000 years."  A brief article about this High Arctic site. - From -

Thule Tradition in the High Canadian Arctic - Thule __ An overview of Thule tradition along with links to additional resources. - From -

Whaling scene found in 3000-year-old picture[Russian Arctic] __ "Northern hunters may have been killing whales 3,000 years ago and commemorating their bravery with pictures carved in ivory. "  Learn about the world's oldest evidence of whaling. - illustrated - From - 



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