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Association of Manitoba Archaeologists __ Learn about the organization, membership, goals and accomplishments. - From -

Brockinton Archaeological Site __ "The Brockinton archaeological site, also known as the Brockinton Indian Sites National Historic Site of Canada, is located along the valley wall of the SOURIS RIVER of southwestern Manitoba."  A brief article. - From -

The Forks National Historic Site Winnipeg Manitoba Canada __ "Evidence found during archaeological digs has proven that aboriginal people were using the site of the Forks as a stopping and meeting place as early as 4000 BC."  A general overview of this tourist attraction. - From -

A Glossary of Manitoba Archaeology __ "A Glossary of Manitoba Prehistoric Archaeology -

Linear Mounds Archaeological Site __ "The linear mounds consist of two distinctive earthen ridges with circular tumuli (rounded earthen grave mounds) at each end that enclose sub-surface burial chambers."  A brief overview. - From -


Manitoba archaeological regulations  __ Manitoba archaeology regulations are designed to control archaeology related activities in the province of Manitoba. Learn what they are and what triggers them. - From Wikipedia - 

Manitoba Archaeological Society __ A brief look at aims and objectives. - From University of Manitoba -

Manitoba Culture History and Archaeology __ Collection of resources about Manitoba archaeology. - From -

Manitoba Heritage Network __ "The Manitoba Heritage Network has been established as a project of the Manitoba Archaeological Society to provide Internet based information and services related to Manitoba's rich cultural heritage. "  Learn about the organization, goals and accomplishments. - From -

The Manitoba Mound Builders: The Making of an Archaeological Myth, 1857-1900 __ "The Mound Builders were presented by various mound enthusiasts as either giants, or white men, or Israelites, or Danes, or Toltecs, or at least in one instance, giant white Jewish Toltec Vikings."  Now how can I top that?  A good read. - From - 

Manitoba Provincial Heritage Site No. 1 __ From here continue through a series of pages and illustrations about Manitoba historic and archaeological sites. - illustrated - From Gov. of Manitoba -


Palaeoindian - Introduction __ About the paleoindian cultures of Manitoba. The paleo culture existed about 12,000 years ago. - illustrated - From Manitoba Archaeological Society -

Resources for History and Archaeology - Government of Manitoba __ "Find out the Origin of the Name Manitoba, learn about The First Peoples, The Lumber Industry in Manitoba, or review The Heritage Resources Act."  You will find many links to additional materials too. - From -

Wanipigow Lake Archaeological Site __ "Wanipigow is a Cree word meaning "hollow water" or, more literally, "hole in the water." Legend states that in the past, a river flowing west from the country of many hills to the great lake ran into a hole and disappeared. The Wanipigow Lake Archaeological Site contains a wealth of information about past Aboriginal lifeways, making it one of the most significant sites in Manitoba." - From -  


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