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Education __ An overview of public education about archaeology provided by the New Brunswick government. - From Government of New Brunswick -

First Nation artifacts discovered, divert highway - New Brunswick ... __ "Archaeologists have found evidence that proves First Nations people were in New Brunswick more than 10,000 years ago."  A news article. - illustrated - From -

Metepenagiag: New Brunswick' s Oldest Village - Where is Vinland? __ "Per square kilometre, Red Bank on the Northwest Miramichi has the most prehistoric archaeological sites anywhere in the Maritimes. Where the Northwest and the Little Southwest Miramichi Rivers meet, there are many, many sites!"  Learn about archaeological research in region and the village site. - From -  

New Brunswick Chapter of Archaeological Institute of America __ Learn about this organization, goals and accomplishments. - From -  

New Brunswick Culture History and Archaeology __ Collection of resources about New Brunswick history and archaeology. - From -

Teacher's Cove __ "An extensive shell-midden deposit represents over 2000 years of human habitation. The site was inhabited at different times in the past, both year-round and as a seasonal camp."  A brief article. - From -



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