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Aboriginal History Unit: Neat Stuff - Archaeology __ "It's a little known fact that, in Saskatchewan, First Nations people made pottery for almost 2000 years before European traders arrived with copper and iron pots." You will find a series of notes and brief looks at prehistoric pottery. - illustrated - from -

Aboriginal Rock Art __ You will find information about Saskatchewan rock art, locations,  reproductions of rock art and much more. - illustrated - From -

Archaeological/Palaeontological Permits and Site Forms __ Learn about the legal requirements and permits needed for archaeological research. - From -

Archaeology in Saskatchewan __ You will find an encyclopedic article with links to additional materials. - From Wikipedia - 

Gray Burial Site __ "The Gray Burial Site, which is about 5000 years old, was declared a National Historic Site in 1973 because it is one of the oldest burial sites in the Plains."  A brief article. - From - 

A Handbook For Teaching Archaeology In Saskatchewan Schools __ Full online text with click-to-read chapters. - From - 


Human History in Far Northern Saskatchewan __ You will find an overview of human occupation in northern Saskatchewan: archaeological investigations, history of various traditions, and an exploration of the early historic period and what it reveals about pre-historic peoples and their social organization. - From Canoe Saskatchewan -

The Mortlach Site __ Learn about the dig and its effects on later archaeology. - From -

The RSM as Saskatchewan's Archaeological Provincial Repository __ "The role of provincial repository has recently been clarified in The Royal Saskatchewan Museum Act (2007). The Director may, under 5 (2) (d): “assume stewardship responsibility for the protection and preservation of the palaeontological and archaeological objects under the ownership of the Crown in right of Saskatchewan;”   An overview of the program. - illustrated - From - 

Saskatchewan Archaeological Society __ "Voluntary archaeological organization promoting public education and research, and advocating for conservation." - From -

Saskatchewan Association of Professional Archaeologists __ Learn about the organization, goals and accomplishments.  "The goal of the Association, as a professional organization, is to facilitate the development of the archaeological profession within the province of Saskatchewan. The Association does this by ensuring that its members act in a responsible and ethical manner towards heritage resources and the members of the public that it serves." - From -


Saskatchewan Culture History and Archaeology __ Collection of resources about Saskatchewan archaeology and history. - From -  

Stanley Mission excavation site __ Here are a few reports about research at Stanley Mission in a diary format. Good reading. Use links at bottom of page for additional reports. - illustrated - from -

Wanuskewin Heritage Park __ "For more than 6,000 years, the land that's now Wanuskewin Heritage Park was a hunting and occasional wintering ground frequented by a half dozen Indian tribes of the Northern Plains."  Learn about the history and archaeology of this wonderful place. - illustrated - From -


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