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20th WCP: Philosophical Anthropology __ Large and varied collection of papers dealing with philosophy in conjunction with cultural anthropology. - By the Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy -

20th WCP:Understanding Human Nature... __ Paper on philosophical anthropology deals with self-realization based on philosophy and the arts. - From Cambridge University -

45 Years in the Turkish Village __ "Paul Stirling did ethnographic research in two Turkish villages between 1949 and 1994. He collected formal household data in 1950, 1971 and 1985." Here you find an archive of that work. - illustrated - From University of Kent at Canterbury-

A Line in the Sand __ Website deals with ..."cultural property, sovereignty issues, and other controversies resulting from the interaction of anthropologists, archaeologists, and other researchers with Native Americans." - By City of Hanksville, Utah -



AAA96 - 0-062 - Culture as Distributed Cognition __ Report of the 1996 meeting of the Council for General Anthropology, you will find abstracts of papers and the general session. - By the Council for General Anthropology -

African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning __ "African artifacts have generally been exhibited with reference only to cultural context and use. In view of recent studies of African aesthetic principles and related moral and religious values, there is good reason to emphasize the formal aesthetic aspects of the objects and the moral and religious ideas they express." - photos - From University of Virginia -

African Religion: Wim van Binsbergen's Writings __ Large and sometimes confusing website is a goldmine of information about African religion. - By Wim van Binsbergen -

Akan Cultural Symbols Project Title Page __ About the Akan of Ghana and the Ivory Coast and their use of symbols. Sections cover architecture, metal casting, textiles and wood carving. photos and other illustrations -

Alternative to Genocide: The Uuganskii Khanty... __ About the clash between the people of the Russian High Arctic and oil companies. - illustrated - From New Mexico State University -
Architecture Builds Interdisciplinary Bridges... __ Paper deals with the relationship of architecture to cultural anthropology. "Further, in the large spectrum of art, architecture is only a very small part of what the art historian chooses from the totality of a society to consider it aesthetically valuable and to preserve it in the eternal heaven of history. That is to say, architecture is a rather secondary matter, one among many, such as e.g. altarpieces, tapestries, or china, but is - and this is the crucial point - dealt with in exactly the same way, judged by the same aesthetic criteria." -



Architecture + Habitat Anthropology __ Here is an entire research series online. You will find a large number of papers and reports. - From Documentation Office for Fundamental Studies in Building Theory -

AusAnthrop: Anthropology and Aboriginal Australia __ They seem to have written their own best review: "The AusAnthrop site is dedicated to research and resources in anthropology, for academics as well as the layman. Special accent is on Aboriginal Australia, and more specifically on the Western Desert cultural bloc. However, other resources are, and future resources will be, of interest to a wider public, whether anthropologists or not." - Lots of material here. - From AusAnthrop Net -


Corn, Labor, and Chicha: The “Energetics” of Empowering Feasts in the Prehistoric Andes __ "Over the past decade, archaeologists have increasingly come to the conclusion that feasts played an immensely important role in the social, economic, and political arenas of ancient cultures..." Here you will find an excellent paper on the historic and cultural implications of producing and drinking Chicha. - illustrated - From Dr. Justin Jennings/UC Santa Barbara -

CSAC's Ethnographics Gallery __ Learn about the Centre for Social Anthropology and Computing at the University of Kent. You will find numerous research reports, images and more. - illustrated - From University of Kent -



Defining 'Indigenous Peoples' __ Explore the controversy about who is and who is not an indigenous person. - From -

End of Life __ While the anthropology of death may not be the cheeriest of subjects, it is an important one. "Learn about the ritual and traditions surrounding death in the United States. You will find that much of what is a "traditional" funeral is not traditional at all but "instant tradition" manufactured by the industry as profit makers." - From National Public Radio -

ERCOMER,The European Research Centre on Migration and Ethnic Relations... __ You will find excellent overviews of many projects, contact information and the people involved. This site is a great start point for research into many cultural studies. - From ERCOMER -



Folk Stories from Southern Nigeria Index __ This is an excellent collection of tales from Southern Nigeria. Learn about the fat woman who melted away and a lot more. - By Elphinstone Dayrell -

Forced Migration Projects __ "A multitude of ethnic tensions and hostilities has resulted in substantial population displacements in the countries of the former Soviet Union. Some 25 million Russians live beyond the borders of the Russian Federation, and nearly 70 million people live outside the republic of their ethnic origin. With over 130 ethnic groups in the former Soviet Union, and nationalism, secessionist movements, and discriminatory measures in evidence, the potential for further dislocation is enormous. Official systems responsible for meeting the needs of those forced to flee are embryonic and easily overwhelmed. Resources in the independent sector are diffused, and nongovernmental organizations are still in formation. In the meantime, suffering and loss of life continue." You will find special reports, news and views. - From Forced Migration Project -

FWDP - The Cultural Dimensions of Environmental Decision... __ Benefits, drawbacks, and claims made about environmental regulation and its impact on various cultural groups. "By explaining the role of the state and its relationship to culture, one can better understand contemporary cultural conflict and the need to create mechanisms for intercultural cooperation in environmental decision-making." - From Center For World Indigenous Studies -


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