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General Anthropology Lesson Plans




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African Primates at Home __ Covers a number of African primates on their home grounds - illustrated - From Indiana University -



Bonobo Sex and Society __ "At a juncture in history during which women are seeking equality with men, science arrives with a belated gift to the feminist movement. Male-biased evolutionary scenarios -- Man the Hunter, Man the Toolmaker and so on -- are being challenged by the discovery that females play a central, perhaps even dominant, role in the social life of one of our nearest relatives. In the past few years many strands of knowledge have come together concerning a relatively unknown ape with an unorthodox repertoire of behavior: the bonobo." - From Scientific American -
Center for Evolutionary Psychology __ "Applying evolutionary biology to the study of the mind has brought most evolutionary psychologists into conflict with a traditional view of its structure." - articles, papers & abstracts - From UC Santa Barbara -



The eSkeletons Project __ Interactive website about physical anthropology. Compare the skeletal structure of a human, a baboon, and a gorilla. - illustrated - From University of Texas at Austin -

Forensic Anthropology __ Basic introduction to anthropology and forensic anthropology, as well as guidelines to planning an education in these fields. - From University of North Carolina at Wilmington -

Forensic Anthropology __ In-depth website about osteology and forensic anthropology - illustrations, essays - From University of Utah -


JGI / Welcome to the Official Jane Goodall Institute Website__ "The name of this website alone should tell you all you need to know. Learn about this great anthropologist and her work." - illustrated - From Jane Goodall Official website - 

6.1 Paleopathology Disease in the Past __ Learn about paleopathology and the study of human remains. Such remains can teach us about disease in the past. - From University of Illinois at Chicago -


Primate Handedness and Brain Lateralization __ A site where you can find out about the research or be a participant. - illustrated, and an audio of African monkeys and apes. -

Research - Paleopathology __ Archaeology and anthropology are reaching farther in the quest for knowledge, and in the process are creating new sub-disciplines. One of the newest of these is the field of paleopathology. Paleopathology is the study of disease in ancient man. - illustrated - From Virginia Commonwealth University -

South Dakota Paleopathology __ Learn about the study of disease within a population which was heterogeneous in time, culture, and location. "Archaeologists unearthed the remains of almost 500 people who were killed during the massacre at Crow Creek. This has allowed physical anthropologists and the medical profession to have a unique situation for the study of ancient disease in a laboratory setting. Note: The remains were treated with respect and were reburied in 1981." - illustrated - From University of Iowa -


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