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At a Loss For Words __ "Three Berkeley graduate students have thrown cold water on last year's highly publicized claim that Neanderthals could talk." - From University of California, Berkeley -

Athena Review 2,2: Recent Finds in Paleoanthropology __ "Molecular clocks, a complex topic central to current debates on human evolution, first came into prominence in paleoanthropology in the 1960's." - From Athena Review -

BPS Engineering (Precision Atlatl and Dart Systems) __ "... the Atlatl and Dart is the first true and natural weapons system of the human race, invented thousands of years before the Bow and Arrow and used longer by humans than any other weapon system yet developed." -

A Comparison of Some Similar Chimpanzee and Human Behaviors __ "Description: Aggressive behavior is typical of most primates. Gorillas, humans and chimpanzees kill members of their own species. The need for social and physical contact is also characteristic of most primates. Species that live in groups need to reconcile aggression. Social groups require some form of conflict resolution. Sexual behavior is one such mechanism to overwhelm aggression." Learn about the Bonobo sex life which ties in with Bonobo peace keeping, about symbolic communication and the use of medicinal plants. - From James Q. Jacobs -

Cultural Biases Reflected in the Hominid Fossil Record __ This interesting paper covers the subject from the 19th century to the present. - From -



The Dawn of Prehistoric Rock Art __ "The most ancient evidence of the production of art predates the generally accepted earliest dates for the appearance of modern humans." From just that quote, you should be sparked to read the whole thing. - By James Q. Jacobs -
The Earliest Homo Fossils __ "From time to time the earliest fossil in any particular category changes with new findings. In 1994 a find in the Hadar Badlands of Ethiopia established a new date for the earliest Homo fossil associated with stone tools, 2.33 mya." Read even more about research at the Hadar site, in Ethiopia's Afar badlands, the famous home of "Lucy." - illustrated - By James Q. Jacobs -

Early Man: Neanderthal Man __ Follow the links from Neanderthal to Homoerectus to Java to Piltdown to Nebraska Man. -


Evolution __ This site explores the major themes of the seven shows in the PBS Evolution broadcast series. A wealth of interactive material and recommended highly for students. - illustrated - From PBS -

First Humans __ "... a radical behavioral departure from the rest of the animal world and constitutes the first definitive evidence in the prehistoric record of a simple cultural tradition, or one based upon learning... sophistication and complexity of hominid stone technology...". - illustrated -

Footprints From Dawn of Modern Humans Found __ A press release from National Geographic about the August 1977 discovery of fossilized footprints left more than 100,000 years on the shore of a South African lagoon ago by an anatomically modern human. -

Fossil Hominids FAQ __ Timelines of hominid evolution with descriptions and photos along with discussion of "creationism" vs science. -



Grade 6 Prehistory Project: Terra Amata __ Stories by students about an imaginary visit to a Homo Erectus village. - illustrated - From M. Hos-McGrane, Grade 6 Social Studies Class -

Handprint: Ancestral Lines __ General site dealing with human evolution. Covers topics from brain development to tool use. - 
Human Ancestors Hall: Tree __ "A phylogenetic tree is a graphical means to depict the evolutionary relationships of a group of organisms." The tree found here deals with human origins. - illustrated - From The Smithsonian - 

The Human Origins Program at the Smithsonian Institution __ Background and overview of the Human Origins program at the Smithsonian. - illustrated - From the Smithsonian Institute -



Reflections on the Origins of Scavenging and Hunting __ This is a detailed essay about the possibilities as to why our ancestors took to hunting and scavenging. He postulates that both scavenging and hunting coincided with the emergence of the genus Homo. - From James Q. Jacobs -

Speculations on the Psychology of Paleolithic... __ Essay is about signs of consciousness in early man based and on the fact that graphic activity appears to have begun sometime prior to 33,000 BCE. - illustrated - From University of Waterloo -


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