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Ancient Egypt is too large a subject to try and encompass it all on one page of listings.  While there may be some overlap, the other pages listed above may be of help filling in details to material found here.

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Ancient Egypt: Medicine __ The practice of medicine in ancient Egypt, the physicians, their instruments and medicines. "If you had to be ill in ancient times, the best place to do so would probably have been Egypt." - illustrated - From -

Ancient Egyptian Medicine __  A general overview of ancient Egyptian medicine including spells and more. - From - 

Ancient Egyptian medicine __ "Ancient Egyptian medicine refers to the practices of healing common in Ancient Egypt from circa 3300 BC until the Persian invasion of 525 BC. This medicine was highly advanced for the time, and included simple, non-invasive surgery, setting of bones and an extensive set of pharmacopoeia and magical spells." An encyclopedic article. - From wikipedia -

Ancient Egyptian Medicine __ Basic look at Egyptian medicine including technology, texts, mummification and images. - illustrated - From Ryan Greiner at Creighton University -

Ancient Egyptian Medicine: Egyptian Physicians __ Brief look at ancient Egyptian physicians. - From -

Ancient Egyptian Medicine - History for Kids __ Information about ancient Egyptian medicine for the younger crowd. - From -

Ancient Egyptian Medicine - Smith Papyrus - Ebers Papyrus __ You will find the practices of physicians ranging from embalming to faith healing to surgery and autopsy. - illustrated - From -

Ancient Egypt Medicines Facts:Bones,Amulets,Physicians,Doctors,Herbs __ A brief, general overview of Egyptian medicine. - illustrated - From -

Ancient Egyptian Prosthetic Surgery __ A brief article detailing evidence of prosthetic surgery in ancient Egypt. - From -


Aristide Malnati __ About ancient Egyptian medicine. - illustrated history, recipes for cures, and even ancient cosmetic surgery - From Leadership Medica -

Complete Set of Surgical Tools Found in 6th Dynasty Tomb __ "The threshold bears the titles of the deceased as "senior physician of the royal palace," "entertainer of the palace" and the "secretary of the palace." Part of that the physician took to the tomb with him were his surgical tools. - From -

Cyber Museum of Neurosurgery __ "The Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus, dating from the seventeenth century B.C., is one of the oldest of all known medical papyri." - photos and some case histories - From Duke University Medical Center -

Ebers papyrus __ "The Ebers papyrus is written in hieratic script and preserves for us the most voluminous record of ancient Egyptian medicine known. The 110-page scroll contains some 700 magical formulas and remedies. Although it contains many incantations meant to turn away disease-causing demons and other superstition, there is also evidence of a long tradition of empirical practice and observation." An encyclopedic article. - From wikipedia -

The Edwin Smith medical papyrus __ Extracts from the Edwin Smith medical Papyrus, the oldest medical document in the world. - From -

Edwin Smith papyrus __ "The Edwin Smith papyrus is the world's earliest known medical document, written in hieratic around the 17th century BCE, but thought to be based on material from a thousand years earlier. It is an ancient textbook on trauma surgery, and describes anatomical observations and the examination, diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of numerous injuries in exquisite detail." an encyclopedic article. - From wikipedia -

Egyptian Medical Treatments: Natural Remedies Used in Ancient ... __ "The Ancient Egyptians were quite advanced in their diagnoses and treatments of various illnesses. Their advancements in ancient medical techniques were quite extraordinary, considering the lack of “modern” facilities, sterilization, sanitation, and researching capabilities. The remedies used by Ancient Egyptian physicians came mostly from nature, and many are still considered viable homeopathic treatments for certain ailments today." Good article along with a list of Egyptian "cures." - From -


Egyptians, not Greeks were true fathers of medicine __ "The research team from the KNH Centre for Biomedical Egyptology at The University of Manchester discovered the evidence in medical papyri written in 1,500BC – 1,000 years before Hippocrates was born." - From -

Just What the Doctor Ordered in Ancient Egypt __ "’re an Egyptian wife preparing for a big banquet at your home. All is ready: the cooked geese, the fresh mango, the newly plucked lotus blossoms out of the pond. And what do you have? The start of a scratchy sore throat. What’s the answer? A rinse or gargle with garlic and water/vinegar." Learn about this and other cures. Egypt was also the first to develop medical specialties such as dentists and optomologists. - illustrated - From InterCity Oz. inc -

Medicine in Ancient Egypt __ "Papyrus documents, and diseases, parasites, and deformities with references." - From - 
Medicine in Ancient Egypt Part 1 __ "Medicine in ancient Egypt was but one aspect of an advanced civilization. It was not practiced by witch doctors as in primitive tribes, with mixture of magic, herbal remedy, and superstitious beliefs. This was acknowledged by Homer in the Odyssey: "In Egypt, the men are more skilled in Medicine than any of human kind". In part 1 of this 3 part series, you will find an introduction, medical papyri, causes of disease, anatomy and clinical examination. - By Sameh M. Arab. MD. -

Medicine in Ancient Egypt Part 2 __"Fertility was diagnosed by placing garlic in the vagina for one night. If the next day the woman can taste or smell it in her mouth, she is fertile. This is based upon the connection between the genital parts and interior of the body. Such connection would be lost in a case of obstructed Fallopian tubes. In modern medicine, phenolphthalein injected in the uterus would appear in urine based upon the same principle. A test known to gynecologists as "Speck’s test." - In this 2nd part of this 3 part series, you will find diseases of women & children, surgery & surgical instruments, fractures & bone diseases, internal medicine - By Sameh M. Arab MD. -

Medicine in Ancient Egypt Part 3 __ "Eye care of the workmen was demonstrated in several papyri and tomb inscriptions. Foreign body removal and treatment of eye inflammations and minor operations were so common. The Ebers Papyrus says: "Another, not to let a hair grow into the eye after it has been pulled out: Terebinth resin … It can not grow again". In this 3rd part of the series, you will find diseases of the eye, dental diseases, psychiatry, alternative medicine, physicians, medical institutes, medical services. - By Sameh M. Arab MD. -


Menstruation, Menstrual Hygiene and Woman's Health in Ancient Egypt __ This is a fairly complete overview of women's health issues in ancient Egypt. You will find references both ancient and modern in this article. - illustrated - By Petra Habiger -

Mummies; Mummies and Disease in Egypt __ While this page goes on to deal with mummies in other parts of the world, it begins with an excellent overview of Egyptian mummies and what they tell us about ancient Egyptian health. - From University of Illinois at Chicago -

P. A. Piccione: Bibliographical Database of Ancient Egyptian Medicine __ "This bibliogaphical database is still in progress. It is a major and comprehensive bibliography designed to facilitate academic research on the subjects of medicine and health in the Nile River Valley from the prehistoric era to early Christian times." - From Peter A. Piccione - 

Papyrus Ebers __ Extracts from the Ebers medical Papyrus - From -

Surgery and Medical instruments in ancient Egypt __ A look at surgery and medical instruments in ancient Egypt and what diseases were treated by such means. - illustrated - From -  

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