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***While all of the publications listed here provide a great deal of freely distributed online information, some may need registrations or subscription to access additional material.  All publications on this page deal with 'gardening general resources.'  Specialty gardening topics will have a page of their own.


Alfresco Magazine __ Here is a publication featuring Pacific garden design and outdoor living, do-it-yourself ideas and a lot of other information.  Click on the "featured articles" link to access articles about gardening and more. - illustrated - From Lifestyle Publishing Ltd. -

American Nurseryman __ This is a magazine for horticulture and landscape professionals and enthusiasts. A free registration is needed for non-subscribers to access much of the online material. However, a subscription is required to be able to read all site content.  Still a lot of information for free. - illustrated - From -

Birds & Blooms Magazine __ You will find backyard bird-watching and gardening combined, with free online information as well as subscription information. - illustrated - From Reiman Media Group, Inc. - 

Canadian Gardening __ You will find news, advice, forums, links, and much more.  Many click-to-read articles and gardening advice. - illustrated - From -

Garden Design __ General magazine and subscription information along with a gallery of magnificent photos which make a visit worthwhile. - illustrated - From -

Garden Forever for Gardeners of All Ages and Abilities __ Garden Forever is a gardening web magazine for gardeners of all ages, abilities and lifestyles jam-packed with articles and gardening resources. - From -


Gardening How-To Magazine __ You will find that "Gardening How-To" takes a step-by-step approach to their stories, covering the bases on how to create a great garden with plant varieties, techniques and tips.  There are many free online articles and resources as well as the usual subscription information. - illustrated - From National Home Gardening Club -  

Gardens West __ First select the issue you are interested in.  You will not only learn about the magazines, but the puzzles are fun and the Forum posts contain some excellent advice. - illustrated - From -

Grounds Maintenance | How to care for your lawn, landscape, turf, grass __ While mostly a magazine for golf course professionals, there are numerous free articles which would be of help to the home gardener also. - illustrated - From Penton Media Inc. -

The Herb Quarterly __ General information about herbs and herb growing.  Click on "articles" to find numerous free articles about gardening. - illustrated - From EGW Publishing Company -


Horticulture Magazine - A Trusted Source for Growing Plants and Creating Gardens __ "Celebrating the simple pleasures of growing plants and creating gardens with thorough articles on plants, gardens, tools and techniques."  You will find many free online articles and resources. - illustrated - From F+W Publications, Inc. - 

Louisiana Gardener Magazine __ Information about the magazine and subscriptions along with a lengthy "sample story" which is illustrated and loaded with detail. a gardening tip of the week and other 'free' material. - illustrated - From -

My Rose Garden - Rose Magazine __ This online rose gardening magazine is jam-packed with rose growing information and images. - illustrated - From -

Organic Gardening __ You will find the usual magazine and subscription information along with a lot of free gardening articles and resources. - illustrated - From -

ProGardenBiz __ A "Landscape & Garden Magazine for the Green Industry"  Many free online articles. - illustrated - From -


Rose Gardening - Rose Gardening Tips __ Free, online rose growing information from Home Gardening Magazine. - From -

Water Gardener Magazine __ Many free, illustrated, online articles as well as general magazine information. - illustrated - From -

Weekend Gardener - Horticulture for Busy People __ "Weekend Gardener is a site that assists you in starting seeds, planning your vegetable garden, finding great gardening and landscaping links, and learning about interesting gardening facts, all presented in a friendly, unbiased manner."  An online magazine with free articles and resources as well as a gardening forum. - illustrated - From Weekend Gardener -

The Wise Gardener __ This online magazine is jam-packed with articles and information about gardening. - illustrated - From -


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