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Due to the nature of the topic and the wide range of information available, in order to cover only a tiny bit of it properly, some of the websites included here may have a commercial element in addition to the excellent information they provide.  Such inclusion does not constitute an endorsement of product or service by  Sites are included for information value only.



Aquatic Plant Care, Dividing & Repotting Water Lilies __ Information on how to divide and propagate. You will also learn the difference between tropical and hardy plants. - illustrated - From - 

Choose Your Water Lily Type Colour From Long List Here __ You will find find brief text only descriptions of a large number of water lilies. - From - 

Cultivation of Water Lily __ For those who are looking for a little more 'detailed' information about growing and caring for these beauties. Some linked articles are 'dead' but there is still a great deal of information available. - From -


Gardening Australia - Fact Sheet: Water Lilies and Lotuses __ "Most gardeners are familiar with water lilies, from Monet’s paintings of the water lilies grown in his remarkable garden in Giverny. They're part of the western tradition of gardening but lotuses are entirely different. We're familiar with them from Chinese paintings." Learn the difference and how to grow both. - illustrated - From - 

Growing lotus __ This beautiful huge water-lily is not for the faint-hearted! Lotus culture is quite demanding. You will find good information about growing lotus in the U.K. but much of the advice can be used anywhere. - From - 
Growing Lotus in the Perennial Garden __ "These are really simple plants to grow despite their reputation and I’ll stake mine on that." Well, if you follow the advice found in this delightful article, the author's reputation will remain safe. - From Doug Green - 

Growing Lotus from Seed __ "The following pages document my very first experience with lotus, one that I expected to end in failure, but instead exceeded my wildest dreams." Inspiration for us all and she has it all covered from first sowing, through transplant, and even a photo of her first bloom. - illustrated - From Margaret Simpson - 



Growing Waterlilies In Dixie Cups __ "Did you ever wonder if you can grow a blooming size tropical waterlily in a 7 ounce Dixie Cup? Sure you can!" Find out how. - illustrated - From Sean Stevens -


Growing Waterlilies From Seed __ "Though growing waterlilies from seed will not produce exact duplicates of the parents (except with some species lilies), it can be fun! ..." Learn how. - illustrated - From - 
How to grow Lotus __ "Lotus (Nelumbo) is one of the most majestic plants to have in a water garden. It is by far the most exotic of all pond plants. And it is the one plant that scares water gardeners. Quite a few people tend to shy away from them, and are intimidated by them. NO NEED! They are very easy to grow once you understand the basic care of them." A lot of good information and links to other resources. - From -



How to Grow Water Lilies __ " Underwater plants not only add color and beauty to a pond, but they help prevent algae growth as well. Water lilies are one of the more popular aquatic plants as they are fairly easy to grow." Here are step-by-step instructions. - From - 

How to know your water lilies __ "There are a great many types of water lily, from the huge, spectacular, Amazonian ones several feet across, to the more humble White water lily (Nymphaea alba) which is native to Britain." Learn how to tell the varieties apart. Even some information about how to start them from seed. - From -
How To Plant a Water Lily __ "One of the easiest ways to water garden is to grow water lilies. ... Plant the tuber against the side of the pot, with the growing tip pointed upward and ..." Good basic information. - illustrated - From - 



Planting Water Lilies - Instructions __ You will find basic planting instructions. - From - 

Water Gardening __ "Gardening with aquatics is similar to other forms of gardening in that you have to be aware of proper soil conditions, kinds of containers, proper planting techniques, fertility needs, and after planting care. What makes water gardening unique is that the plants you grow are growing in a water filled environment. Things like water depth, water temperature and what to do with plants during the winter now become a consideration." Information about growing water lilies and other aquatic plants. - illustrated - From University of Illinois - 


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