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Beothuk __ "The Beothuk ... (also spelled Boeothuck, Beothuck, Boethuk, Boeothuk, and Boethuck) were the native inhabitants of the island of Newfoundland at the time of European contact in the 15th and 16th centuries." An encyclopedic article with links to additional resources. - illustrated - From wikipedia -

The Beothuk ___What a great website about this fascinating people! "It only took 250 years for these people to become extinct after European contact. This is their story. Try out the games you can play to see how much you've learned at this very nice website, too!" - Illustrated - From the Memorial University of Newfoundland -

Beothuk History __ An overview of Beothuk history along with some demographic and cultural information. - From -


Beothuk Indians __ "There are not a lot of books written on the subject of the Beothuk... but there is a lot of controversy. Was the fate of the Beothuk a "natural" outcome of the colonization of the New World? Or were they killed off deliberately?" - From Mysteries of Canada - 

The Beothuk of Newfoundland __ An overview of the Beothuk containing the obituary, published in The Times, of Shanawdithit, officially known as the last Beothuk. - illustrated - From -

The Beothuks or Red Indians: The Aboriginal Inhabitants of Newfoundland ___"The information on this site was gathered over a period of 40 years and published in 1914 by James P. Howley. It's not everything he could gather up about the Beothuk Indian tribe, but there is a considerable amount of text to go through. There is a section showing and explaining 10 sketches by Shanawdithit, the last surviving Beothuk." - Illustrated - From Dr. Hans Rollmann -

The extinction of the Beothuk Indians __ Learn the how's, why's, and when's a First Nations people vanished. - From -


Facts for Kids: Beothuk Indians (Skraeling, Red Indians, Beothuks) ___"Why were Beothuks called "Red Indians?" Was their skin red? Why did the Beothuk Indians die out? Were the Beothuks really the Skraelings of Viking sagas?" The answers to these (and many other questions) are here in easy-to-understand language. Highlighted words within the text lead you to further information about, and pictures of, the topic at hand. - Illustrated - From Native Languages of the Americas - 

A History of the Beothuk __ "... a talk given by Ingeborg Marshall at the launch of her book A History and Ethnography of the Beothuk, at the meeting of the Newfoundland Historical Society, St. John's, 19th Sept. 1996." - From Memorial University of Newfoundland -
History of the Beothuk Indians __ An essay overview of Beothuk history. - From -

Last of Beothuk honoured in new monument __ "Shanawdithit, the last known survivor of the Beothuk of Newfoundland, is being honoured with a plaque unveiled Thursday that recognizes her as a person of national historic significance." 2007 news article. - illustrated - From -

Lesson Planning, Lesson Plan Formats and Lesson Plan Ideas __ How to produce a lesson plan and not just for Indian tribes either. - From -


Publications of the Newfoundland Museum - The Beothuks ___It wasn't long after European contact that these people became extinct. Learn about them here. - Illustrated; enlargeable images - From the Museum of Newfoundland -

Who were the Beothuk Indians? ___"The history, culture, societal make-up, hunting and spiritual life of the Beothuk Indians. Also an analysis of the living conditions of the remnant of these people surviving in the 21st century." - Text only - From Pagewise, Inc. -



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