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Comanche ___The bulk of this article focuses on the conflicts between the Comanche and the U.S. army and Texas Rangers. - Text only - From Emayzine -

The Comanche __ "Comanches are the best educated of all Indian tribes with more students per capita enrolled in higher education. We have doctors, lawyers, chiefs ("chief" executive officers!), teachers, principals, superintendents, registered nurses, actors, authors, artists, craftsmen -- people in all professions -- who do an outstanding job representing themselves and the Comanche people."  Overview of history, government, culture and more. - From -   

Comanche Indian __ A good, but brief, overview of the Comanche Indian Tribe and their history. - From American Indian -

Comanche Indian History __ "One of the southern tribes of the Shoshonean stock, and the only one of that group living entirely on the plains."  An overview of Comanche history. - From -  
Comanche Indians ___An overview of this large Native group, plus a brief biography of war chief, Quanah Parker. - Illustrated - From Ellie Crystal - 

The Comanche Indians and Texas ___Following some brief background, you'll get the story of what came to be known as the "Council House Fight" and its aftermath. - Text only - From The Heart of San Antonio website - 

The Comanche Indians, Texas Indians __ "The Comanches are one of the most historically important Indian cultures from Texas. The Comanches were much more than just warriors. According to the old Spanish records and other sources they were also very good traders. The Spanish used to hold trade fairs in the city of Taos and in Santa Fe in what is now New Mexico. Records from trade fairs in old Taos and Santa Fe ... describe the Comanches at the trade fairs. They were well dressed. The Comanche leaders often wore fine European clothes, with many silver conchos and fine leather boots. - illustrated - By R E Moore - 

The Commanche Indians __ "The known history of the Comanche Indians dates back to the early 1500ís. The Comanche were originally part of the Eastern Shoshoni who lived near the upper reaches of the Platte River in eastern Wyoming. With the coming of the Spaniards to the new world the Comanche obtained horses and broke away from the Shoshoni moving south. Other groups followed until about 1830." - By Barbara B Wood -

Comanche Language (Numinu) __ A brief introduction and several resources about the Comanche language. - From -  

Comanche Literature ___Of the four pages linked to from this site, only the Comanche creation story and the buffalo tale are operative. - Text only -  From Glenn Welker - 

Comanche - Part One ___This page provides information about Comanche location, population and sub-nations, as well as a lengthy culture section. Use the links at the bottom of pages one and two to access a comprehensive history up to 1901. - Text only - From Lee Sultzman - 

Comancheria ___A map showing the lands of major Comanche bands leads of this page which provides information about Comanche superb horsemanship. - Illustrated - From Comanche Lodge - 


Cynthia Ann Parker - Comanche (Adopted) ___This is a biography of Cynthia Ann Parker, mother of the great Comanche chief, Quanah Parker. Her life was a sad one, to be sure. - Text only - From Julia White - 
Domestic Architecture at the Comanche Village of Medicine Creek ___"Photographs of the late pre-reservation period in Comanche history are used to give historians an idea of the layout and domestic architecture of the standard Comanche village. See some great photos with analytical text, plus one photo newly discovered and on public display for the first time." - Illustrated - From Thomas W. Kavanagh, Curator of Collections, Mathers Museum, Indiana University -

Facts for Kids: Comanche Indians (Comanches) __ "Native American Facts For Kids was written for young people learning about the Comanche Indian tribe for school or home-schooling reports." - From -   
The Great Chiefs of the Comanche Nation ___"This is a listing of the Great Comanche Chiefs (Paraiboo). This is by no means a complete list and is a work in progress, The first that the Comanche is mentioned in written documents were by the Spanish in the early 1700's. Some of the names listed are in the Spanish tongue, and in the Comanche with the English translation. The spelling of the names are the ones listed in literature and treaties. The dates listed are the years that these names were noted, many of these Paraiboo led the people of the different bands for many years." - Illustrated - From Comanche Lodge -

The Official Site of the Comanche Nation ~ Lawton, Oklahoma __ Comanche Nation news, events, government and much more. - illustrated - From -

Quanah Parker...___This biography is interwoven with Comanche history during Quanah's life. He is known as "The Last Chief of the Comanche." - Illustrated - From Comanche Lodge - 

Virtual Museum ___Here you can view photos of six items, including war bonnets and a doeskin dress. - Illustrated - From Comanche Lodge - 

Who are the Comanche? __ You will find a brief article about the Comanche Indians. - From -


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