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Catholic Encyclopedia: Delaware Indians __ A good overview of the Delaware Indians and their history. "An important tribal confederacy of Algonquian stock originally holding the basin of the Delaware River, in Eastern Pennsylvania, U.S.A., together with most of New Jersey and Delaware. They call themselves Lenapé or Leni-lenapé, about equivalent to "real men". - From Catholic Encyclopedia - 
Common Bird Names in Lenape ___"On this page are photos and the Lenape names for some common birds. Click on the Lenape name to hear the bird's name as pronounced by Lenape speaker, Nora Thompson Dean, of the Touching Leaves Company in Dewey, OK or click on the bird's photo to hear its call." - Illustrated - From the Delaware Tribe of Indians - 

Delaware __ A concise and detailed history of the Delaware. "Originally in 1600, the Delaware River Valley from Cape Henlopen, Delaware north to include the west side of the lower Hudson Valley in southern New York. The Delaware were not migratory and appear to have occupied their homeland for thousands of years before the coming of the Europeans. During the next three centuries, white settlement forced the Delaware to relocate at least twenty times. By 1900 they had lived in: Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Ontario, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Wisconsin, Kansas, and Oklahoma. However, a government plan to move some of the Delaware to Minnesota was never carried out." - By Lee Sultzman - 

Delaware Clans, Gentes and Phraties ___Definitely a web page for serious researchers of Delaware family history. - Text only - From AccessGenealogy - 

Delaware Clothing Styles ___Actually, the clothing of three tribes is presented here. As well as the first section, which is indeed the Delaware, you can get information about the Fox and the Huron. - Illustrated - From Canku Ota - 

Delaware Indian Chiefs and Leaders ___Learn about the chiefs who made an impact on Delaware and North American history. As well, there is a section about Delaware social structure. - Text only - From AccessGenealogy - 

Delaware Indian - History and Discussion __ "The Delaware people were a sedentary matriarchal society, and relied heavily on agriculture to survive." You will find history, social anthropology, myth and more. - illustrated - from Delaware - 

Delaware Indians __ Here is a good overall website about the Delaware Indians. You will find articles about Deleware medicine, history and more. "I occasionally use the word "Indians in my report...Indians was the historical name for Native Americans, and not to confuse youth researching on this website.Most present day Delaware appreciate being addressed as Native Americans." - illustrated - By Linda Mauser - 

Delaware Indians __ "Some Native American histories have relegated the Delaware Indians to the status of a minor east coast tribe, yet the Lenni Lenape, as they called themselves, were originally the most powerful Indian Tribe in the East, perhaps in the Americas." While this is a book review, there is enough information in the excerpt to make a visit worthwhile, if for the opening statement quoted above alone. - From Hope Farm Press - 

Delaware Indians ___A short article, with links, to information about the Lenape in Texas, - Text only - From the Spider's Nest - 

Delaware Indian Villages ___A list of almost 12 dozen Delaware villages. - Text only - From AccessGenealogy - 

Delaware (Lenape) Tribe of Indians: Homepage __ "The name DELAWARE was given to the people who lived along the Delaware River, and the river in turn was named after Lord de la Warr, the governor of the Jamestown colony. The name Delaware later came to be applied to almost all Lenape people. In our language, which belongs to the Algonquian language family, we call ourselves LENAPE (len-NAH-pay) which means something like "The People." Here you will find history, social anthropology, current events, questions and answers. - illustrated - From The Delaware Tribe -

The Delaware, Oh Web Page - Delaware's History - The Delaware ...___A history of the Delaware people in Ohio. - Text only - From The Delaware, OH Web Page - 

Facts for Kids: Lenni Lenape Indian Tribe...___Thirteen questions concerning Lenape culture are answered here in a way that students of all ages can comprehend. - Text only - From Native Americans for Children - 

The Indian King Tavern Museum: Named For the Lenni Lenape ___Cultural and historical information. - Text only - From Hoag Levins - 

Lenape Football ___"History and rules of Pahsaheman, a traditional Lenape ball game played between men and women." - Text only - From the Delaware Tribe of Indians - 

Lenape Language and the Delaware Indian Tribe ___"An overview of the Leni Lenape people, their language and history." - Text only - From Native American Languages - 

Lenape Moccasins ___On this page you're going to see wonderful photographs of some very beautiful moccasins. - Illustrated - From NativeTech - 

The Lenape or Delaware Indians ___A short page, with links. - Text only -  From Bob Barnett - 

Marks in Time: Delaware Indian Treaties ___"Welcome to a unique, on-line resource for Delaware treaty history. The Delaware, or Lenape, tribe of Indians, signed the first-ever "Indian treaty" with the newly-born United States of America in 1778." _ Text only - From Indian Territory - 

Penn and the Indians ___What a great history! It concerns William Penn's (of Pennsylvania fame) dealings with the Delaware tribe of Indians. "Penn realized, unlike many Americans of the 19th century, the complex differences between various tribes-- and the benefits of distinguishing between them." - Illustrated - From Tuomi J. Forrest - 

Walum Olum ___There are varied opinions about the authenticity of this work. Here's an article which provides no opinion on that, but describes it as a viable manuscript. "The sacred tribal chronicle of the Lenape or Delawares. The name signifies 'painted tally' or 'red score,' from walam, 'painted,' particularly 'red painted,' and olum,' a score or tally.'" - Text only -  From AccessGenealogy -


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