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Archaeology Lesson Plans 

American Indian Archaeological Sites __ Brief descriptions of 20 major American Indian archaeological sites.  Perfect as a resource for students. - From -

Ancient Ideas, Megaliths and Rituals __ For a fresh approach to the archaeology and research of the ancient world, you will enjoy your visit here. - There is an excellent section about Scandinavia. - illustrated - By Bengt Hemtun -

Anthropology/Archaeology Student Resources __ While these student resources are designed for those about to graduate at Mercyhurst Archaeological Institute, they may be useful to most anybody in the same situation in another school. - From - 

The Antiquity of Man __ I will let the author of this website speak for himself. I couldn't do a better review than that. "In existence since 07 July 1999, the site has quickly grown to fill the role of a comprehensive academic website covering the range of palaeoanthropology and archaeology. Presented here are summaries of current academic thinking, research projects and debates. The number of archaeological research avenues, both past and present, are enormous."  A great resource for students. - illustrated - By Mikey Brass -

Archaeoastronomy __ Website includes links to a collection of some 1100 images of archaeological and archaeoastronomical sites in Britain, mainland Europe, Mesoamerica, South America, Australia and Polynesia. - From Clive Ruggles, University of Leicester -

Archaeological Field Methods __ "The field of Archaeology, which was once a hobby for upper class men in the 19th century, has been evolving ever since. What we consider Modern Archaeology was not being utilized until the 1960ís when innovative minds such as Louis and Mary Leakey, J. Desmond Clark, Glynn Isaac, Lewis Binford and J.W.K. Harris revolutionized archaeological excavation methods and theory." You can read the entire paper - From -


Archaeological Site Considerations | Whole Building Design Guide __ "Archaeological sites are nonrenewable resources; they provide the only available source of information on the people and civilizations that flourished in the distant past. Archaeological sites should be considered early on in the planning and design process of all projects that have ground-disturbing potential."  You can learn some valuable guidelines. - From -

Archaeology Reading Lists Archaeology Study Resources __ An extensive reading list for archaeology and anthropology students. - From -  

Archaeometallurgy in Archaeological Projects __ "Many archaeologists lack experience of excavating and interpreting evidence for metalworking. The problems this causes can be overcome by consulting a metallurgical specialist." -


Arctic Circle: Exploring the Past __ Overview of Arctic archaeology and history - photos - From the University of Connecticut -

Aslan, Z.: November 1997 __ Deals with the importance of protective structures in the preservation of archaeological sites - photos -

BBC - History - Archaeology and Ancient History __ A good overall view of archaeology and ancient history covering a multitude of topics. A lot of information here. - illustrated - From BBC -

Beyond clay and Beyond Paper __ While this website deals with research in ancient Syria, its major thrust is in publishing and record keeping. "But in another respect we are still more closely anchored in the paper mode. The physical construct which we know as bound printed pages offers a perceptual grasp of the whole that is missing in the electronic medium. The perception of a whole held between two covers is quite distinct from that of a directory of folders and files." - illustrated - From UCLA -

Classical Studies Student Resources __ You will find a wealth of online resources to support your studies in Classics, ancient history and archaeology. - From -  

Cyber Ranch __ Visit a half dozen of the world's great archaeological sites and see for yourself what things are all about - photos -
Doug's Archaeology Site: Skeptical Views of Fringe Archaeology __ This is a place which has been set up "with references to other sites and articles not found elsewhere which expose 'cult' or 'fringe' archaeology." You will find links, current news, and a lot more. You may want to spend some time here. -

Earthworms and Archaeology: The Unlikely Story of a Tiny Slimy Hero __ "Many different creatures contribute to bioturbation, and many different forces (besides biological ones) contribute to the mixing of the soil. As an overall term, Pedoturbation encompasses all different types of soil mixing (ped = soil; soil science is termed Pedology)."  A very interesting read on how earthworms effect archaeology along with links to additional materials. - From -

Educator and Student Resources __ Many click-to-read resources for student, teacher, and the just plain interested. - From -  

Electronic Antiquities Volume II... __ Article about stolen and smuggled antiquities. "Please don't take this as an indication that all antiquities dealers are dishonest. There are many who work only within the law. The author of this paper is the curator of a university museum and speaks from experience." - From Electronic Antiquity - __ This is a website dedicated to sourcing flint and similar materials. You may search by name or region and access related subjects. There are interactive maps, great descriptive texts and photos.  A great resource for students. - illustrated - From Rengert Elburg & Paul van der Croft -

Forensic Archaeology Home Page __ "Forensic archaeology is a subject without too much coverage on the Web. Here you can learn about archaeology and police work." - illustrated - From Southampton University -

'Fringe' and 'Cult' Archaeology __ "First of all you can learn what "fringe" or "cult" archaeology is. Would you believe that millions of literate people do not know the difference between what is real historic research and pure hokum? Do you know who Von Daniken is? How about Zecharia Sitchin?"  A must see website for students. -

Geoarchaeology __ "A definition of geoarchaeology is: archaeological research, applying the concepts and methods of earth sciences. Thus, geoarchaeology shares with archaeology the field of research and part of the aims." You will find a good introduction to the subject and an excellent sample project.  Great for students. - illustrated - From Digiter Geoarchaeologia -

Graduate School Directories - Archaeology __ Where in the world do you want to go to school to study archaeology? You can find out about grad programs from around the globe.  A good resource for students planning a career in archaeology. - From -

A guide to archaeological resources - The Student Room __ "The Guide to Archaeological Resources is an article designed to offer a constantly updated resource for both current and potential students of archaeology."   Jobs, general information, program updates and much more. - illustrated - From - 

Home Page Archaeosurvey __ About the investigation of archaeological sites using non-intrusive and non-destructive methods - illustrated -

IHBC Web Site __ "The Institute of Historic Building Conservation (IHBC) is the professional institute which represents conservation professionals in the public and private sectors in the United Kingdom and Ireland." This is an important site for the archaeologist and historian and student alike. Learn about conservation efforts and the archaeological connection. - illustrated - From IHBC -

Maritime Archaeological and Historical Society __ "The Maritime Archaeological and Historical Society (MAHS) is organized for the purpose of enhancing public awareness and fostering appreciation for the significance of historic shipwrecks and other submerged cultural resources."  Read about the organization, accomplishments and goals. - illustrated - From -

Maritime Archaeology, Underwater Remote Sensing Surveys, Marine ... __ While a commercial site, you will still find general information and some good project reports. - illustrated - From -

Resources for Anthropology Students __ From lists of opportunities ranging from field service to study abroad, you will find an extensive listing.  Just click on the topic headings. - From -

Salvage Archaeology __ "From the Mound Builders of Wisconsin to the Three Gorges Dam in China, you can learn about salvage archaeology and why it is so important." - photos - From the University of Wisconsin -

Shroud of Turin Story - A Guide to the Facts 2005 __ While controversy has raged around the artifact known as the "Shroud of Turin," there is much noteworthy archaeology involved. You can learn more about that aspect of things here. You will find an interesting and fairly balanced presentation. - illustrated - From Daniel R. Porter - 


Special Report: Saga of the Persian Princess __" This is one of the more fantastic stories in archaeology. As some of you may know there is a controversy over which country owns the 2600 year old mummy of a "Persian princess." The tale gets more tangled as time passes. The claims and counterclaims over the mummy may turn into an international incident yet. When you get to the end of the first article, don't click off the page, keep going for all the followups. I'm not going to give away the surprise ending, you have to read it for yourself." - photo = From the Archaeological Institute of America -

Student Resources :: Art & Archaeology __ You will find a collection of click-to-read articles and resources for both art and archaeology. - illustrated - From -

Student Resources, Crow Canyon Archaeological Center __ "Educational resources for students to learn about Pueblo Indian (Anasazi) history, archaeology, and Crow Canyon's research...What was life like in a Pueblo village 800 years ago? How do American Indians today view their history and culture? What is it like to be an archaeologist?"  These are just some of the questions this site tries to answer. - illustrated - From -

Underwater Archaeology __ You will find a general overview of underwater archaeology.  A good introduction to the topic for students. - illustrated - From - 


Virtual Archaeology: the El Brujo Project __ "The goal of the project is the virtual reconstruction (using computers) of the painted figures on the ceiling of a ceremonial precinct at the Huaca Cao Viejo located within the archeological site of El Brujo (The Wizard). This ceiling was destroyed some time around A.D. 700." - illustrated - From IBM -

Visualization in Archaeology __ Learn about software systems and visualization in archaeological research. "The ARCHAVE
system, developed at the SHAPE lab at Brown University, presents archaeological excavation data and site information via a virtual reality interface." - illustrated - From Brown University -

VL - Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe __ This is a wonderful place to begin any research about European archaeology. You can search by country, topic, period, and more. -

What is Garden Archaeology __ This is a good overview of what is known as "garden archaeology." There is more than just digging involved. Learn about restoring antique gardens and discover that beneath the remains of an old garden is often one even older. You will find a multi-page article. - illustrated - From Institute of Historic Building Conservation -


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