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40,000 Year Old Australian Archaeology Site Reignites Debate On Origins __ "An Aboriginal leader in Australia claims archaeologists have discovered the world’s southernmost site of early human life. The site is reported to be 40,000 years old. Is this the earliest human site here, and what does it mean in terms of the origins of human settlement?"  You may find the answer here. - illustrated - From -

Archaeology in the Marquesas Islands __ Pages about the recovery of a Polynesian chiefdom in the Marquesas Islands - photos - From -

Archaeology of Whaling in Southern Australia and New Zealand __ "The AWSANZ project (the Archaeology of Whaling in Southern Australia and New Zealand) is an international collaborative project initiated and directed by Dr Susan Lawrence at La Trobe University in Melbourne and Dr Mark Staniforth at Flinders University in Adelaide. The project addresses aspects of the archaeology and history of Australasia's colonial whaling industry."  Learn about the projects accomplishments. - illustrated - From Flinders University -   

Archaeozoology in New Zealand __ A great introduction to zooarchaeology in New Zealand. You will learn about current projects, find a who's who, databases and more. - From Foss Leach. -

The Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology __ Learn about the organization, membership, foals and accomplishments. - From -

Australia Archaeology, by State __ A collection of Australian archaeology resources state by state. - From -

Australian Archaeological Association __ Learn about the Association, its accomplishments and goals.  "The Australian Archaeological Association Inc. (AAA) is one of the largest archaeological organisations in Australia, representing a diverse membership of professionals, students and others with an interest in archaeology." - illustrated - From - 

Australian archaeology __ An encyclopedic article covering many aspects of Australian archaeology including references and a list of famous Australian archaeologists. - From wikipedia -

Australian Institute for Maritime Archaeology __ "The Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology (AIMA) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the preservation of underwater cultural heritage, and promotion of maritime archaeology conducted in accordance with internationally accepted ethical standards. Based in Australia it has sponsored work throughout Australia, Asia and the Indian and Pacific Ocean regions."  A good look at the organization, accomplishments and goals. - illustrated - From -  

Dr. William S. Ayres's Pacific Island Studies __ website dedicated to archaeology in the Pacific, as well as Thailand - photos and other illustrations - By Dr. William S. Ayres -


National Archaeology Week __ Learn about Australian archaeology, take a quiz, meet the archaeologists and much more. - illustrated - From -

New Zealand aerial archaeology __ "New Zealand has some 6,000 earthwork fortifications, the product of widespread warfare in the pre-European period from about A.D. 1500 to A.D. 1800. In addition, Maori quickly adopted and developed aspects of gun warfare in the nineteenth century: as many as 600 fortified sites were built or adapted from pre-European types...The aerial photographs in this compendium are oblique or low oblique (near vertical) images..." - illustrated - From Kevin L. Jones -

New Zealand Archaeology __ "New Zealand's history may be short by old world standards but New Zealand still has a rich heritage of archaeological sites which illustrate its history."  An overview of archaeology in New Zealand. - From -

New Zealand Archaeological Radiocarbon Database __ Online database. - From -

Oceania Culture History and Archaeology __ "The archaeology of the countries of Oceania, including Australia and New Zealand"  You will find many resources and links. - From -


Polynesian Archaeology __ "The most ancient monuments of Polynesia are the lithic and megalithic remains, coincident in style and character with the Druidical circles of Europe, and the exact counterpart of those of Stonehenge and Carnac in Brittany. These earlier efforts of the human art are invariably the remains of temples, places of worship, or of edifices dedicated in some way to the religion and superstitions of extinct generations, whose graves cover every island and reef." You can read more of this excellent essay. - From Internet Sacred Text Archive -

Ryan-Polynesian Archaeology __ You will find some good articles about Polynesian archaeology and a lot of information about Thor Heyerdahl - From Dr. Donald P Ryan -


Strangways Springs Sheep Station - Archaeology in Australia __ "Using both archaeological excavation and documentary evidence, Paterson traces both European and Aboriginal contributions to the operation at the station at Strangways Springs (called Pangki Warruna in the Arabana language),..."  You will find a good overview of the history and archaeological research. - illustrated - From -

Stratigraphy, Harris matrices & relative dating of Australian rock-art __ "Rock-art, despite much ingenious effort (e.g., among many, Watchman et al. 1997), remains difficult to date by absolute methods, so relative dating has a central importance much as applied to dirt archaeology in the era before routine radiometric dating. "  Learn just how well this process works. - illustrated - From - 


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