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Archaeology __ Designed by 6th graders to teach about the Aztecs and Mayas - illustrated - From ThinkQuest - http://library.thinkquest.org/J002486/

BVAR Project __ "The Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance Project will once again be conducting research at several sites in western Belize. Investigations will be conducted at two major sites during the summer of 2003." Learn about past expeditions and plans for next year. - illustrated - From Belize Valley Archaeology Reconnaissance Project - http://www.bvar.org/ 

The Caracol Archaeological Project __ You can learn about the site and ongoing research.  There is a special section for students and even blogs. - illustrated - From caracol.org - http://www.caracol.org/

Caribbean Archaeology __ "The Caribbean Archaeology Program at the Florida Museum of Natural History has four main components: Field Research, Collections, the Bullen Bibliography of Caribbean Archaeology, and Public Education. Click on the Introduction, then explore these fascinating topics in archaeology..." - illustrated - From flmnh.ufl.edu - http://www.flmnh.ufl.edu/caribarch/ 

Caribbean Archaeology Home Page __ Learn about ongoing research, field schools, future plans and much more. - illustrated - From caribbeanarchaeology.com - http://www.caribbeanarchaeology.com/

Caribbean Archaeology Nevis __ A general overview of archaeological research on Nevis. - illustrated - From caribbeanarchaeology.com - http://www.caribbeanarchaeology.com/Directory.htm 

The Ceren Web Resource, Joya del Ceren, Archaeological __ Learn about the "Pompeii of the New World." "Ceren is an agricultural village in El Salvador that was buried in ash nearly fourteen centuries ago." - photos and other illustrations - From the University of Colorado - http://ceren.colorado.edu
Cuban Culture History and Archaeology __ "Culture history, archaeological sites, and other information related to the past of the island nation of Cuba."  resources and links. - From about.com - http://archaeology.about.com/od/cuba/Cuban_Culture_History_and_Archaeology.htm

Current Archaeology Digs in Mesoamerica __ You will find many links and resources about digs in Mesoamerica.  Most of them are field schools and many have ongoing projects. - From about.com - http://archaeology.about.com/od/centralamericandigs/Current_Archaeology_Digs_in_Central_America.htm



Dig It, Archaeology on Ambergris Caye, Belize... __ Informative essays covering many aspects of archaeology from dangerous snakes to dangerous tourists - By Dr. Herman Smith - http://ambergriscaye.com/museum/digit.html

Dominican Republic Research Home Page __ Indiana University's underwater research project in the Dominican Republic. - photos, reports - From Indiana University - http://www.indiana.edu/~r317doc/dr/

El Pilar Project __ Here is a brief description of the Belize River Archaeological Settlement Survey and the excavation of the site of El Pilar, astride the Belize-Guatemala border. - illustrated - From ucsb.edu - http://www.marc.ucsb.edu/elpilar/  

Extreme Archaeology: Divers Plumb the Mysteries of Sacred Maya Pools __ "ScienceDaily (July 22, 2010) — Steering clear of crocodiles and navigating around massive submerged trees, a team of divers began mapping some of the 25 freshwater pools of Cara Blanca, Belize, which were important to the ancient Maya."  A news article. - From sciencedaily.com - http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/07/100722102041.htm

FAMSI - Home Page __ Large website with a lot of information. To access archaeological field and research reports, click "Grantee Reports" - Some reports illustrated - By the Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies, Inc. - http://www.famsi.org

Insight: Eagle Eye at NASA __ Read about satellite images and Maya ruins in Guatemala's rain forest. - illustrated - From Archaeological Institute of America - http://www.archaeology.org/9807/abstracts/insight.html

The Jewish Community of Nevis Archaeology Project __ project to record the history of the seventeenth and eighteenth century Jewish community of the Caribbean island of Nevis - photos - http://www.tc.umn.edu/~terre011/Nevis.html


Kenyon-Honduras Archaeology and Anthropology Program __ "The Kenyon-Honduras program is a unique learning environment designed to challenge the imaginations and support the research efforts of undergraduates. Seminars on the cultures, history, politics, and prehistory of Central America are combined with student-directed independent research projects, fieldtrips to areas discussed in class, and living in a rural Honduran community where very few foreigners reside." You will find information about various projects and how to participate. - illustrated - From Kenyon College - http://www2.kenyon.edu/depts/Anthropology/Honduras/hondu2.htm

Laser Beams Penetrating Thick Canopy Detect Thousands of New Structures, Show Maya Adept at 'Building Green' __ "ScienceDaily (May 12, 2010) — A flyover of Belize's thick jungles has revolutionized archaeology worldwide and vividly illustrated the complex urban centers developed by one of the most-studied ancient civilizations -- the Maya."  A news article. - From sciencedaily.com - http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/05/100511111935.htm


Lost King of the Maya __ Here is PBS's companion website to their film following excavations at Copán, a Classic Maya site in northern Honduras." - illustrated - From PBS - http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/maya/ 
Material and Chemical Residues of Prehispanic Plaza Activities at El Coyote, Northwest Honduras __ "Recent anthropological studies of feasting have made significant contributions to our theoretical understanding of the roles of community ritual in the operation of past societies." You will find a multi-part report on the research. You will also learn why such a study is difficult when dealing with a site which has multiple uses. - illustrated - From Arizona State University - http://archaeology.asu.edu/vm/mesoamerica/feasts/default.html

Maya Archaeological Sites of Belize __ A listing and description of Maya archaeological sites in Belize including those which are open to the public. - illustrated - From ambergriscaye.com - http://ambergriscaye.com/pages/mayan/mayasites.html  

Maya Caves of West-Central Belize: Remote Sensing __ "Our project will test the potential of remote-sensing techniques for revealing cave sites in Belize." You will find an explanation as to how the process works and updates on the progress. - illustrated - From Archaeological Institute of America - http://www.archaeology.org/online/features/belize/remote.html 

Maya Research Program  __ "Learn about the Maya research project. You will find a history of the digs, photo highlights of the 2000 season, information about the 2001 season, and a bulletin board which seems to be made up of posts by members of the team." - From Maya Research Program - http://www.mayaresearchprogram.org/

Maya Ruins Page __ An interactive map takes you to the places in which you're interested, next best thing to being there - photos - http://mayaruins.com


The Mayan Ruins __ This page is a listing of Maya ruins in Belize. - From Belize Tourist Board - http://www.turq.com/belize/belruin.html

Olmec - Study Guide to the Olmec __ "The Olmec civilization is the name given to a sophisticated central American culture with its heyday between 1200 and 400 BC."  You will find an overview with resources and links. - illustrated - From about.com - http://archaeology.about.com/od/olmeccivilization/a/olmec.htm

The Programme for Belize Archaeological Project, Belize, Central America __ Learn about the project, the field school and plans for the future.  There are press releases, articles, photos, researchers involved and more. - illustrated - From utexas.edu - http://uts.cc.utexas.edu/~marl/pfbap.htm

Tikal National Park __ You will find history, architecture, and ecology of this major Maya site in Guatemala, plus visitor information and map. - illustrated - From tikalpark.com - http://www.tikalpark.com/ 


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