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Archaeological digs dispel myths about Delaware settlers __ "The Avery's Rest site, just west of Rehoboth Beach and near the upper end of Rehoboth Bay, is significant because it is an early settlement. The property was slated for development, and the owners gave state officials time to search the property for signs of the early settlers."  Learn what was found and what it means. - From -


Archaeological Society of Delaware __ "The Archaeological Society of Delaware (ASD) was founded in 1933 by amateur and professional archaeologists to study and appreciate archaeology, and more recently, historic preservation."  Learn about the organization, activities, accomplishments, goals. - illustrated - From -


Archaeology Corner __ A collection of various archaeological reports for Delaware. - From State of Delaware -  


Archaeology at the George Read II House __ This offers an archaeological survey and excavation reports of an 18th century house in Delaware - photos and other illustrations - From the University of Delaware -

Archaeology at Lums Pond State Park __ "The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) created a wetland where once there had been a plowed field. They built this wetland to replace others that had been filled when bridges or highways were built elsewhere in the state. Federal funds were used in the construction of the new wetland, and so the National Historic Preservation Act required that archaeologists study the field before construction began. Their research revealed that people had used this field for thousands of years." - illustrated - from Delaware State Parks -


Delaware Department of Transportation - Archaeology/Historic ... __ Learn how the Delaware Department of Transportation is involved with archaeology and what some of their projects are.  - illustrated - From -


Delaware Preservation Plan Profile __ "Our pride in where we live rests in part on our understanding and appreciation of the past inherent in the surviving historic buildings, structures, landscapes, streetscapes, and archaeological sites that surround us." Learn about the Delaware preservation plan and its archaeological and historical content. - From National Park Service - 


dig: Delaware Archaeology Events __ "dig's guide to special archaeological programs, events, and exhibits in Delaware" - From -


Höhr Stoneware in Delaware __ "German brown and blue-gray salt glazed stonewares are generally well represented in 17th- and 18th-century ceramic assemblages recovered from Delaware archaeological sites."  Learn what this means for Delaware and colonial history. A PDF file - illustrated - From -




New Castle History And Archaeology Project __ A collection of resources related to New Castle history and archaeology. - From -


NPS Archeology Program: State Submerged Resources Laws __ Submerged archaeological laws for Delaware. - From National Park Service -


Random Acts of Science - Blog - #62 Archaeology in Delaware is Wasteful and Unnecessary __ Learn how Federal Highway fund cuts may hurt archaeology in Delaware. - From -


Underwater Archaeological Investigation of the Roosevelt Inlet Shipwreck (7S-D-91A) __ "In the fall of 2004, a dredge struck an 18th-century wreck site during beach replenishment, resulting in thousands of artifacts being scattered along the beach in Lewes, Delaware. "  Learn about the follow-up with reports and artifact inventory. - From -


What is Delaware Archaeology Month? __ Learn the history of Archaeology Month in Delaware. - From -




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