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Ancient cave draws MSU archaeologists to southeast Montana __ "Eryka Thorley had already excavated ancient fire hearths and stone flakes, but a severe thunderstorm on the final day of field work added a new dimension to the archaeology dig in southeast Montana."  A news article from 2008. - illustrated - From -


Category:Archaeological sites in Montana __ Index of articles relating to Montana archaeology found in Wikipedia. - From wikipedia -


Cedar Creek Chinese __ "In 1995, the United States Forest Service (USFS) conducted archaeological survey and excavation in the Cedar Creek drainage of Western Montana. They were attempting to prove the Chinese presence in two archaeological sites, and to find information on the life of that population."  A general overview along with PDF format reports about the findings. - From -  

dig: Montana Archaeology Events __ "dig's guide to special archaeological programs, events, and exhibits in Montana" - From -


Hunting Montana History UM archaeologists explore two intriguing sites __ "Outside the town of Plains in a steep canyon are Asian-style terraces, where Chinese immigrants are believed to have grown fresh produce to sell in 1800s mining camps. In another Western Montana mountain range sit remnants of a mining community that belie the Wild West image of such a place."  A general look at both of these sites. - illustrated - From -




Montana Archaeological Society __ "Organized in 1958, membership in the Montana Archaeological Society is open to both amateur and professional archaeologists."  Learn about the organization, accomplishments and goals. - From -


Montana Archaeology Museum Directory __ List of archaeology museums in Montana - From -


Montana Archaeology __ A very interesting blog with a lot of information about Montana archaeology among the posts. - illustrated - From -


Montana Archaeology: The Rosebud Battlefield Site __ "This 3,000-acre Eastern Montana rolling prairie park preserves the site of the June 17, 1876, battle between the Sioux and Cheyenne Indians and General Crook’s soldiers."  Some of the archaeological remains date back 5000 years. - From - 

Montana Historical Society __ A great general website about Montana history and archaeology. Archives of various types, historic photos, educational resources and more. You may want to check out the Montana Antiquities Database while you are here. It is listed under "Historic Preservation." - illustrated - From Montana Historical Society -




Montanakids | Buffalo Jump Archaeological Site __ "Nestled in the shadow of the Bear Paw Mountains, on the road to everywhere in north central Montana, Wahkpa Chu'gn is the most extensive and best preserved buffalo bone deposit in the northern Great Plains."  An overview of this archaeological site for the younger set. - From -

Montana Preservation Plan Profile __ "There is no specific vision statement, per se, but the "Montana Preservation Plan has as its central theme: 'working together' to preserve Montana's heritage resources…[in keeping with] the spirit of community in which Montanans simply 'work together' to get things done." Learn how the plan will help save historic and archaeological sites. - From National Park Service -


Montana Rock Art Research Page __ You will find several click-to-read articles about Montana Rock Art.  Articles are PDF format. - From -


Montana Site Stewardship Program - Project Archaeology Home __ "The Bureau of Land Management, Montana State University and Project Archaeology have formed a partnership to develop a Montana Site Stewardship Program. The program will promote public awareness of both pre-contact and historic cultural resources in Montana."  Learn more and there is a training program. - From -


Montana-Yellowstone Archaeological Project __ "Millennia before the first tourist pitched a tent at Yellowstone, Native Americans spent summers beside the region’s hot springs and bubbling pools, a University of Montana archaeological team has discovered."  Learn about the excavation and research in this brief article. - illustrated - From -



Pictograph Cave State Park __ "Not far from Billings at the end of a winding ribbon of pavement is Pictograph Cave State Park, a cluster of caves where for five thousand years prehistoric hunters and their historic American Indian counterparts left behind a legacy of painted images and artifacts." Learn about the cave and the research. - illustrated - From -


ThisIsBozeman | Barton Gulch Archaeology: Backroads Montana __ An excavation video. - illustrated - From -  

Wahkpa Chu'gn Archaeological Site __ Their opening paragraph best explains what this is about. "Nestled in the shadow of the Bear Paw Mountains, on the road to everywhere in north central Montana, WAHKPA CHU'GN (pronounced walk-pa-chew-gun) is the most extensive and best preserved buffalo bone deposit in the northern Great Plains." - illustrated - From H. Earl Clack Museum -


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