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Archaeological Sites in Calvert County, Maryland __ Read about these important archaeological research sites. The opening page is mostly images, to get more detail of the research, click on the "archaeology" link near the bottom of the page. - illustrated - From -

Archaeological Society of Maryland Inc. __ Webpages of the Archaeological Society of Maryland -


Archaeologists Find 18th Century Log Road In Annapolis, Maryland __ "A University of Maryland archaeological team has uncovered traces of a very early log road deep under an Annapolis street – the first ever found in the city and perhaps one of the oldest such finds in the Washington, D.C. area."  A news article from 2008. - illustrated - From -


Archaeologists find hidden African side to noted 1780s Md. building __ "One of North America's most famous Revolutionary-era buildings – a lone-surviving testament to an Enlightenment ideal – has a hidden West African face, University of Maryland archaeologists have discovered."  A detailed report. - illustrated - From -    

Archaeology in Annapolis __ "Archaeology in Annapolis is a partnership between the Department of Anthropology at the University of Maryland, College Park, and Historic Annapolis Foundation. Begun in 1981, the Archaeology in Annapolis project has been concerned with promoting better understandings of Annapolis’ diverse past through the interpretation of material culture." You can read about their remarkable work - photos and other illustrations - From Archaeology in Annapolis -


ArcheologY - Maryland Historical Trust __ "The MHT Archeology Program assists the people of Maryland in identifying, studying, evaluating, preserving, protecting, and interpreting the state’s archeological resources." Learn about the organization, their goals and accomplishments.  Links to many other resources as well. - illustrated - From -


Archaeology & Native Americans, Historic Prince George's County __ Learn how archaeology is incorporated into the life of Prince George County. - From -


Archaeology of Texas, Maryland __ "The archaeology of Texas, Maryland is a multi-year research project to locate, collect, and interpret the historical, ethnographic, and material context of the Irish of Baltimore County."  Detailed article and many photos. - illustrated -


Barton Village Site (18AG3) __ "This site is part of a series of prehistoric sites that extend for more than a mile along the upper terraces of the Potomac River and contain artifacts dating from the Paleo-Indian period to Contact times." A general overview -


The Best Places to Find Indian Arrowheads in Maryland __ A look at several locations where one my search for arrowheads. - From - 


Bodkin Creek __ "The project, entitled “Bodkin Creek Area Maritime and Terrestrial Survey and Synthesis of Prehistoric and Historic Resources,”
was a notable example of a cooperative effort by volunteer, government, and commercial sectors,..."  A comprehensive report.  PDF file - illustrated - From - 

Category:Archaeological sites in Maryland __ Index of articles relating to Maryland archaeology found in Wikipedia. - From wikipedia -



Diagnostic Artifacts in Maryland __ You may find this to be an important resource for the understanding of Maryland archaeology. "This Web Page has been designed to introduce you to artifact types commonly found at archaeological sites in Maryland. We hope that archaeologists, curators, students, and anyone interested in Maryland and Mid-Atlantic history will make use of the information contained in this Web Page. We have taken the definitions from the standard references, and present multiple images of artifacts to facilitate correct identifications. Bibliographic references and glossary terms are provided in each section." A lot of other excellent information can be found here too. - illustrated - From - 

dig: Maryland Archaeology Events __ "dig's guide to special archaeological programs, events, and exhibits in Maryland" - From -

The Dowden's Ordinary Archaeological Site __ "The Dowden’s Ordinary Site is an old inn or hotel that is located on the west side of
Frederick Road in Clarksburg, Maryland."  A detailed report.  A PDF file - From -  

Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum __ "Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum owes its very existence to archaeology. Mrs. Patterson was excited by the dozens of archaeological sites present on her farm, and wanted to see them preserved, so she donated the property to the State. The mission of the new park was to explore the history of the people who have lived in this region for the last 12,000 years." You can read the whole story here. - illustrated - From Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum -


Maryland Archaeology Museum Directory __ List of archaeology museums in Maryland - From -


Maryland lab to conserve World Trade Center ship remains ... __ "A conservation team from Maryland's archaeology lab is in Manhattan this week, working to recover the remains of a wooden sailing ship found buried at the World Trade Center site."  A news article dated from July 29, '10 - From -


Maryland Historical Trust - Office of Archaeology __ Learn about this 'office' and the responsibilities entailed. You will find a brief overview of several of their programs. You will also find other resources regarding archaeological law and other issues, mostly in PDF format. - From -


Maryland Petroglyphs (rock carvings) - Maryland Historical Trust __ "In Maryland, such prehistoric artwork is known from just two sites: (1) at Bald Friar in the lower Susquehanna River, and (2) at Great Falls in the middle Potomac River."  An overview of both these sites. - From -

Maryland Preservation Plan Profile __ Learn about the Maryland preservation plan and its archaeological and historical context. - From National Park Service -


Md. Archaeologists Unearth The Past In Prince George’s County __ "Shipwreck and sunken treasures. It sounds a lot like a movie, but as Jessica Kartalija reports, Maryland archaeologists are on a mission to dig up the past in Prince George’s County."  A news report - From -  


Port Tobacco Archaeological Project __ A blog following along with the research at Port tobacco.  Many, many entries and photos.  It's kind of fun to follow along and get to know the team. - illustrated - From -




St. Mary's City __ "Historic St. Mary's City, the site of the fourth permanent settlement in British North America, Maryland's first capital, and the birthplace of religious toleration, invites you to explore the lifeways of Maryland's first citizens." You will find history and archaeological information under the 'research' heading. - illustrated - From St. Mary's City -


Texas, Maryland Archaeology __ "Texas, in present day Baltimore County, is an unincorporated village located 12 miles north of Baltimore City. The site is located in a densely populated and heavily commercial and industrial corridor of Baltimore County (MAAR Associates 1992: I-12-I 13). It is situated in an area called the Limestone Valley because of the rich vein of limestone that is still quarried today."  Archaeology of the Irish Diaspora. - illustrated - From - 


Tyler Bastian Field Session in Maryland Archeology __ "The Annual Tyler Bastian Field Session in Maryland Archeology is one of ASM's most popular programs. Named after Maryland's first State Archeologist who began the Field Session in 1971 as a weekend field testing project, it has grown to today's 11-day field and lab training program, complete with lecture series, workshops, and meal/camping facilities." Learn more about this exciting event. - illustrated - From -



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