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Archaeological Society of Virginia __ "Volunteers from the ASV have been the backbone of research and salvage in the Commonwealth for over 50 years. Members of the Society have participated in, or initiated research on hundreds of excavations during the past half century." Learn about this organization and its goals. - illustrated - From Archaeological Society of Virginia -

Archaeology in Blacksburg __ "The most renowned Woodland Period site in the immediate Blacksburg area is the Shannon Site, mentioned above. The area of the site, in the Ellet Valley, about 5 miles from Blacksburg, has been well known to local people since before the turn of the century. At that time, the Shannon Site and neighboring sites were collectively known as the "Ellet Indian Town." It was a popular site among collectors and looters until 1966, when the property was slated for the construction of the Blacksburg Country Club." Learn what the resulting research found. - illustrated - From Michael Pulice -


Archaeology at Colonial Williamsburg __ "The Department of Archaeological Research conducts original research on seventeenth- and eighteenth-century colonial archaeology and material culture, including but not limited to studies of urbanization, community development, and zooarchaeological method."  A ton of information. - illustrated - From -


Archaeology: Virginia rock circles linked to Paleoindian site __ "Rock circles on a spit of mountain land along Spout Run may be the oldest above-ground Paleoindian site in North America, according to Alexandria archaeologist Jack Hranicky."  A news article - From -


Atlas of Virginia Archaeology: Sites Map __ Map of Virginia archaeological sites and by clicking on the index link, you will access additional information.  The link to "home" does not work - From -


Cactus Hill - Preclovis site of Cactus Hill __ "Cactus Hill is a buried multicomponent site on the coastal plain of the Nottaway River in Sussex County, Virginia. The site has Archaic and Clovis occupations, but most importantly, below the Clovis and separated by sterile sand, is an apparent Pre-Clovis occupation."  A general overview and resources - From -    


Category:Archaeological sites in Virginia __ Index of articles relating to Virginia archaeology found in Wikipedia - From wikipedia -


Colonial Williamsburg Foundation __ "Perhaps America's best known and appreciated archaeological site, there is something here for everybody." - illustrated - By the colonial Williamsburg Foundation -

Council of Virginia Archaeologists __ "The Council fosters public awareness, knowledge, and support for the preservation of Virginia archaeology; advances knowledge through dissemination of information on Virginia's archaeological resources; facilitates interaction between the communities of professional and avocational archaeologists in Virginia; and acts as an independent professional advisory group for the Virginia Department of Historic Resources." - From - 

DHR Archaeology Program __ About the archaeology program at the Virginia Department of Historic Resources. You can find out about state law, stewardship for private archaeological site owners, information for educators, and numerous other programs. - From Virginia Department of Historic Resources -


dig: Virginia Archaeology Events __ "dig's guide to special archaeological programs, events, and exhibits in Virginia" - From -


Falling Creek Ironworks __ "Falling Creek is part of the Chesterfield County Parks system. If you stand on the promontory to the north of where old Marina Drive ends, you can see the entire site."  An overview of the history, archaeological research and plans for Falling Creek Ironworks - illustrated - From -




Flowerdew Hundred __ "Situated on the southside of Virginia's James River between present-day Richmond and Williamsburg, Flowerdew Hundred was the site of Native American villages, a fortified frontier settlement, a thriving plantation, and a major Civil War encampment...Over the past three decades, a clearer picture of these people, their ways of life, and Virginia's history has emerged through archaeological excavations at this historic site."  A brief overview. - illustrated - From -


Historical Archaeology in Loudoun Valley, Virginia __ "This web site and related links provide archaeological and historical research concerning 18th and 19th century sites in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, and nearby Loudoun Valley, Virginia, as well as the broader region of the upper Potomac and northern Shenandoah Valleys."  A first person research narrative - illustrated - From / Christopher Fennell -    


Home--Historic Jamestowne __ Learn about historic Jamestown and keep up to date on the digging there. - illustrated - From -


Interactive Dig Mt. Vernon - Archaeological Survey & Testing of Gristmill Park __ "The Archaeological Survey & Testing of Gristmill Park
or Finding Washington's Distillery, Which Wasn't Really Lost "  Article, history and images. - illustrated - From -  
Jamestown Rediscovery __ "An overview of the APVA excavations at Jamestown. Several galleries of artifacts and dig photos, site maps, and a general history of the area, as well as visitor information. Learn about the plans for 2007, the 400th anniversary of settlement." - From Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities -


Landmarks - Tazewell County Historical Society - Tazewell, Virginia __ Good list of archaeological and historic sites in Tazewell County, Virginia - From -


Letter from Virginia: American Refugees __ Learn about the archaeology dealing with run away slaves and the Great Dismal Swamp. - illustrated - From -


Preservation of Fort Pocahontas - Black history during the Civil War __ "For over 130 years from 1864 to 1996 this fort lay forgotten. In the fall of 1996 Fort Pocahontas was purchased by Harrison Ruffin Tyler. In conjunction with the Center for Archaeological Research at the College of William and Mary, and the Virginia Department of Historic Resources "  Learn about the research and restoration programs undertaken since. - illustrated - From -


Saltville (archaeological site) __ An encyclopedic entry with links to related materials. - From Wikipedia -


Stratford Hall | Archaeological Collection __ "The first archaeological excavations at Stratford Hall began in the early 1930s under the supervision of landscape architect Morley Williams, who was employed by The Garden Club of Virginia to restore the garden area east of the main house."  Article about the archaeology at the birthplace of Robert E. Lee. - illustrated - From -


Thunderbird Archeological District __ A brief overview of this National Historic Landmark - From National Park Service -




Virginia Archaeology Camps and Archeology Summer Camps __ One listed as of this review. - From -


Virginia Archaeology Museum Directory __ List of archaeology museums in Virginia - From -


Virginia Indian Ceramics __ "Since early in the twentieth century, archaeologists have searched for the earliest ceramics in Virginia, discussed their origin of manufacture, and debated their impact on developing Indian societies."  Learn what this research has revealed and find embedded links to related materials. - From -   


WMCAR - Historic Kecoughtan __ "Uncovering Traces of Historic Kecoughtan: Archaeology at a 17th-Century Trading Plantation Site in the City of Hampton, Virginia." - illustrated - From William and Mary Center for Archaeological Research -


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