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Anthropology Research __ You will find information about several archaeological projects in Florida. - illustrated - From University of West Florida - http://uwf.edu/anthropology/research/


Archaeological and Historical Conservancy __ You can not only learn about this organization, its plans and accomplishments but you can read the reports of their various archaeological researches in Florida such as the excavation of the site of the Royal Palm Hotel, the first hotel in Miami. - illustrated - From flarchaeology.org - http://www.flarchaeology.org/  


Archaeological Investigations, 1983 to today __ Annotated gallery of photos from several years of digging by the Florida Museum of Natural history.  You may not learn much from these photos except digging can be fun. - illustrated - From flmnh.ufl.edu - http://www.flmnh.ufl.edu/sflarch/investigations.htm


Aucilla River Paleoindian Site __ "Florida's Aucilla River is yielding evidence of the adaptability of Paleoindians to their changing environment at the end of the Pleistocene, 10,000 years ago."   a brief overview. - From archaeology.org - http://www.archaeology.org/9703/newsbriefs/aucilla.html 


Benwood Historic Shipwreck 1942 (Florida) __ The merchant marine freighter Benwood sank off the Florida Keys in 1942, A report on underwater investigations from Indiana University. - illustrated - From indiana.edu - http://www.indiana.edu/~r317doc/trail/benwood.html

Bureau of Archaeological Research @ Florida OCHP __ The Florida Bureau of Archaeological Research works with state agencies and local communities to manage, preserve, and interpret Florida's irreplaceable archaeological sites for citizens and visitors. You will find general information as well as specific projects. - illustrated - from State of Florida - http://dhr.dos.state.fl.us/archaeology/


Category:Archaeological sites in Florida __ Index of articles relating to Florida archaeology found in Wikipedia. - From wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Archaeological_sites_in_Florida


Cultural Resource Protection for Private Landowners - Site Resources __ "A wealth of resources, such as printed publications and Web sites, exist to help landowners and land managers protect and manage cultural resources on their land. Some of those resources are presented here. Similar resources are grouped together to ease the task of finding the resources you need." - From flheritage.com - http://www.flheritage.com/archaeology/education/culturalmgmt/resources.cfm 


dig: Florida Archaeology Events __ "dig's guide to special archaeological programs, events, and exhibits in Florida." - From digonsite.com - http://www.digonsite.com/guide/florida.html



Florida Anthropological Society __ "Florida's Statewide Organization of Archaeology and Anthropology" Not much else to say. Jam-packed with resources. - illustrated - From fasweb.org - http://www.fasweb.org/ 
Florida Archaeological Council __ "The Florida Archaeological Council is an organization of professional archaeologists involved in Florida archaeology." Learn about the organization and its goals. - From Florida Archaeology Council - http://www.flarchcouncil.org/ 

Florida Archaeology __ Here is a collection of resources and links about archaeology in the state. - From floridasmart.com - http://www.floridasmart.com/sciencenature/archaeology.htm


Florida Archaeology Jobs __ A few listed - From archaeologyjobs.net - http://www.archaeologyjobs.net/florida-archaeology-jobs  


Florida Archaeology Month __ "Florida Archaeological Month (FAM) is an annual event sponsored by the Florida Anthropological Society (FAS), the Florida Archaeological Council, the Department of State, Division of Historical Resources, and the Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Recreation and Parks. The purpose of the event is to provide opportunities for Florida residents and visitors to learn about the extensive archaeological resources in Florida and their precarious existence." - From fasweb.org - http://www.fasweb.org/fam.htm


Florida Archaeology Museum Directory __ Listing of archaeological museums in Florida - From museumsusa.org - http://www.museumsusa.org/museums/?k=1271407%2CCategoryID%3A1601640%3BState%3AFL%3Bdirectoryid%3A200454


Florida Archaeology Resource Center __ Good collection of resources, articles, maps and more for Florida archaeology. - From Florida Archaeological Institute - http://sites.google.com/site/archaeologicalsite/


Florida Archaeology: The Sugar Mill at Dunlawton Plantation __ Video, no narrative, just images. - video - From lana0037 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ru7IqJCafA 


Florida Archaeology - Trail of Florida's Indian Heritage __ "The Trail of Florida's Indian Heritage is committed to promoting responsible stewardship of Florida's historical and archaeological resources."  Articles, audio, maps and more. - illustrated - From trailoffloridasindianheritage.org - http://www.trailoffloridasindianheritage.org/florida-indian-trial-site.html 


Florida Memory Project - Florida Archaeology __ "In celebration of Florida Archaeology Month, this exhibit showcases images of the archaeological resources throughout the state and the professionals, enthusiasts and amateurs that have explored, preserved, and interpreted the archaeological record in order to better understand Florida's millenia of human occupation."  You will find many resources and images. - illustrated - From floridamemory.com - http://www.floridamemory.com/photographiccollection/photo_exhibits/archaeology/


Florida Public Archaeology Network __ "The Florida Public Archaeology network's mission is to promote and facilitate the conservation, study and public understanding of Florida's archaeological heritage through regional centers each of which has its own website. To learn more about a region and to visit their site, have a look at our region map or choose a location from the list of regions ..." - illustrated - From flpublicarchaeology.org - http://www.flpublicarchaeology.org/

Florida's Underwater Archaeological Preserves __ "In 1987, Florida began to develop a statewide system of underwater parks featuring shipwrecks and other historic sites. The shipwreck preserves have become popular attractions for skin and scuba diving visitors to witness a part of Florida's history first-hand." You can find out how to visit these regions. - illustrated - From flheritage.com - http://www.flheritage.com/archaeology/underwater/preserves/


General Problems of Florida Archaeology - Tequesta: Number 1 ... __ An essay dated from the mid 1930s about the perceived obstacles to archaeological research in Florida.  See how much has changed over the years. - From fiu.edu - http://digitalcollections.fiu.edu/tequesta/files/1941/41_1_04.pdf   

Indian River Anthropological Society __ "A group of professional and avocational archaeologists interested in preserving Florida’s past founded IRAS in 1965." Learn about the organization, membership, goals and more. - illustrated - From IRAS - http://www.nbbd.com/npr/archaeology-iras/


Little Salt Spring home page __ "The site, Little Salt Spring (8So18), is located in southwestern Florida, in southern Sarasota County about 5 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. It is a relatively unique type of spring-fed sinkhole that may have served as an oasis in the peninsula during early prehistoric time (Paleoindian through middle Archaic periods..." You will find a good report though understanding it completely requires the following: - "In the International Journal of Nautical Archaeology, 22(2): 167-172 (1993) I presented the results, through September of 1992, of experiments with Hi8 video imagery of the excavation levels captured as digital imagery and processed through a commercial Geographical Information System (GIS) with the objective of producing accurate (planimetric) mosaics of each 10 cm-thick level. Almost none of that information is repeated here, so it's absolutely required to have the article in hand before reading this document." - From University of Miami - http://www.rsmas.miami.edu/groups/lss/ 

Mount Royal Indian Mound __ "The Mount Royal Indian Mound site (8PU35) is located on the eastern bank of the St. Johns River in Putnam county, about 40 miles south of St. Augustine, Florida. The site has been continuously occupied by different cultures from AD 1200 through the present." Read about the research. - From Florida Office of Cultural and Historical Programs - http://dhr.dos.state.fl.us/archaeology/projects/mountroyal/ 


Pioneers of Southeastern Archaeology: Gordon R. Willey __ Detailed profile of this archaeologist. Includes excerpts from journal entries and information on sites on the Florida gulf coast. - From peabody.harvard.edu - http://www.peabody.harvard.edu/Willey/grw.html 


Southeast Florida Archaeological Society __ "The Southeast Florida Archaeological Society represents the Treasure Coast (Martin, St Lucie, southern Indian River, and northern Palm Beach counties)...SEFAS is dedicated to the greater understanding of archaeology and the preservation of Florida's archaeological resources as well as the information they contain." - From Southeast Florida Archaeological Society/fasweb.org - http://www.fasweb.org/chapters/southeast.htm 

Southwest Florida Archaeological Society __ "The Southwest Florida Archaeological Society represents Collier and Lee Counties...Founded in 1980 as group was organized to salvage materials as the Bay West Nursery was demucking a pond. It turned out to be a very important, early wet site.Members operate the Craighead Archaeological Laboratory at the Collier County Museum." - illustrated - From fasweb.org - http://www.fasweb.org/chapters/southwest.htm


Welcome to South Florida Archaeology & Enthnography __ "This Florida Museum of Natural History site features the archaeology,environment, and history of South Florida, focusing on southwest Florida, domain of the Calusa Indians." - illustrated - From ufl.edu - http://www.flmnh.ufl.edu/sflarch/


The White Ranch - Archaeological History __ "Due to the fresh water springs and limestone catchment basins Paleo-Indians occupied these areas as early as at least 14000 years ago."  Learn what these property owners are doing to protect Florida's heritage. - From thewhiteranch.org - http://thewhiteranch.org 


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