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2013 season information available as soon as I can get it

Are you looking for travel and adventure?  Are you wanting to get your hands dirty in an archaeological dig?  Why don't you combine a vacation or a summer of study with being an archaeological volunteer.

You can find locations needing your services by traveling around the world or just around the block.  There is something for almost everybody.  Some volunteer positions offer certification toward a continuing education and others just offer the experience.

You may not have decided on an archaeological career yet and are looking for some field and travel experience to help you make the decision.  You just might find it here.  You may not even be considering an archaeological career but are looking for something different and exotic in the way of travel and vacations.  You too may just find what you are looking for here.

Some opportunities may already be filled and the dates in the past, but it will still give you an idea of what is out there and these people can still be contacted for future plans.  What you will find here is only a sample of what is available.

Since archaeological volunteering and archaeological vacations are somewhat related, you may want to check out both sections. - Archaeological Vacations


Alaska State Parks Volunteer Program Volunteer __ Learn what archaeological volunteer positions are open. - From -

Archaeological Excavations in Israel 2013 __ "This list of archaeological expeditions which accept volunteers is compiled by the Israel Foreign Ministry as a service to the public, and is not an endorsement of any of the projects listed." - From -

Archaeological Volunteer Opportunities at Arizona State Museum __ You can find information about various needs for field volunteers at the museum. There is contact information and a good overview of projects. - illustrated - From Arizona State Museum -

Archaeology Volunteer Program - Presidio of San Francisco __ " In 2013, the Presidio Trust is opening a new Archaeology Lab on the Main Post."  Find out more about what volunteers they need. -  From -

Archaeology: Volunteering Program in Romania __ Information about several archaeological projects in Romania looking for volunteers along with contact information and more. - illustrated - From -

Archaeology and Volunteer Work Abroad __ "One of the best ways to get in touch with a country and its people is by understanding its past. Volunteering abroad on one of our archaeology projects in Romania is a great way to discover their rich histories."  Also information of opportunities in Peru. - From -


Archeology Digs and Restoration Projects __ "Volunteer at an Archeology Dig or Restoration Project. Join archeologists to search caves, excavate dinosaur fossils, or restore ancient structures."  You will find resources for volunteer work in many parts of the world. - From -

Archaeology Volunteer and Field Work Links __ Archaeological volunteer opportunities, mostly in California. - From California State Parks -

Dig opportunities __ Volunteer for archaeological digs in Egypt.  "...a few volunteer positions for assistants who provide payments or donations to cover (a) expenses within Egypt and (b) the daily administrative and other expenditures required by the project in Toronto." - From -

Dig Your Future in Archeology - __ "If you are not ready to join the buttoned-down world of corporate America, consider getting your hands dirty as an assistant on an archaeological dig. Of all the field sciences, archaeology offers the largest number of work and volunteer opportunities."  An essay with general information and a couple of contact links. - From - 

Educational Tours and Research Programs from Crow Canyon: Archaeology Travel, Learning Vacations, Archaeological Excavation, and Educator's Workshop __ "The Crow Canyon Archaeological Center is a dynamic organization that offers individuals, just like yourself, the opportunity to become involved in archaeology. A wide variety of programs for adults, youths, and school groups are available." - From Crow Canyon Archaeological Center -

Excavations in the Athenian Agora Volunteer Program, Summer 2013 __ "The American School of Classical Studies at Athens announces a program for volunteers wishing to participate in the archaeological excavations of the Athenian Agora during the summer of 2013. Approximately thirty-five volunteers are chosen on the basis of academic qualifications and previous archaeological field experience." - From AIA - 

George Washington's Mount Vernon __ Find out about volunteer and intern programs at Mount Vernon.  Program plans range from high school through adult internships and volunteer opportunities. Click 'current internship projects' to learn more. - From -

Historic Jamestowne - Volunteer __ Learn about archaeologically related, and other, volunteer positions at Jamestown, Virginia.  Contact information provided. - From -  

How an Exemplary Volunteer Program Thrives in Cincinnati __ Learn about an archaeology volunteer program in Cincinnati and how you may participate. - From robertlfs -

I want to go on a dig. How do I volunteer? What archaeological opportunities are there in my area? __ A general guide for finding archaeological volunteer opportunities along with some contact information. - From -

IPCAS Home Page __ "Based in Boulder, Colorado, IPCAS has been promoting and participating in Colorado Archaeology for fourteen years. We organize a series of lectures, host tours, provide volunteer opportunities, and publish a monthly newsletter, the Calumet newsletter." They say it best. - From IPCAS -

Join the Team in 2013 __ "Maya Research Program's 22nd Archaeological Field Season in NW Belize: Join the Team in 2013!"  Project description and volunteer information. - From -

NPS Archeology Program: For the Public __ Archaeological volunteer opportunities presented by the U.S. National Park Service. - From -


Opportunities for Volunteer Work in Maya Art and Archaeology __ "Positions available for volunteers to assist in research on Maya art, especially iconography and hieroglyphic inscriptions. It is also possible that we may begin a summer program in Bolivia, South America...This is not a dig; there is no treasure hunting. This is a scholarly project in the museums of Guatemala City and on the campus of the Universidad Francisco Marroquin. Most of the research involves digital photography and large format printing of rollout photographs of Maya vases." - From FLAAR Informative Network -

Participate in an Archaeological Dig, St. Stephens, Alabama __ "The perfect volunteer vacation for the history-minded traveler" - From -

Passport in Time - Archaeology Volunteer Projects __ "Passport in Time (PIT) is a volunteer archaeology and historic preservation program of the USDA Forest Service (FS). Participants work with professional archaeologists and historians on projects including archaeological excavation, rock art restoration, survey, archival research, historic structure restoration, gathering oral histories, or writing interpretive brochures. That’s just a small sample! Volunteers have helped stabilize ancient cliff dwellings in New Mexico, excavate a 10,000-year-old village site in Minnesota, restore a historic lookout tower in Oregon, clean vandalized rock art in Colorado, survey for sites in a rugged Montana wilderness, and excavate a 19th-century Chinese mining site in Hell’s Canyon in Idaho." You do have to provide your own travel and sometimes your own meals. - From -

Senior-Friendly Volunteer Vacations __ Many archaeological volunteer vacations as well as others. - from -

Student Traveler - Volunteer archaeologist overseas __ If you've ever played in a sandbox, you have the skills needed to volunteer on an archaeological dig. Scroll down the page to find the article. - illustrated - From -

SunWatch Indian Village/Archaeological Park Volunteer __ Learn about this archaeological volunteer opportunity new Dayton, Ohio. - From -

Volunteer 2013! - The Jezreel Valley Regional Project __ "Come join us for the exciting 2013 season at the site of Tel Megiddo East!
This sprawling town site sits on the lush plain below the famous mound of biblical Megiddo."  Learn about qualifications needed and how. - illustrated - From - 

Volunteer Abroad - Archaeology work in Peru __ Learn about volunteering. - From -

Volunteer Digs __ Information about many digs worldwide and early information about the 2013 season.-  illustrated - From -


Volunteer Programs - North Carolina Office of State Archaeology __ "Volunteers are an integral part of the OSA program, assisting in field, laboratory and other office activities. We have both daytime and a weekly evening volunteer program, as well as occasional field opportunities." - From -

Volunteering in Archaeology | The Council for British Archaeology __ "There are many opportunities to volunteer in archaeology in the UK. The voluntary sector consists of a large, varied and often highly motivated body of people who do much to research and care for our historic environment. The following list will point you in some useful directions if you would like to do some volunteering." - From - 

Volunteering in Europe - A Guide to Volunteer Success __ While this article covers many types of volunteerism, it is heavy with archaeological opportunity. - illustrated - From -

Wyoming State Archaeologist - Volunteer Opportunities __ "Volunteer opportunities with the Office of the Wyoming State Archaeologist are usually available during the summer field season at selected archaeological sites across the state, depending on project funding."  Learn what and where they are. - From -

Zamartze Mortuary Archaeology Field School 2013 __ "The Zamartze Mortuary Archaeology Field School is a research project investigating human burials at the medieval monastic complex of Zamartze in the municipality of Uharte-Arakil (Navarre, Spain)."  Volunteer and academic credit information. - From -   


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